How to Get to Mohan Border from Kunming

This article is about transportation between Mohan Border and  Kunming. Situated in very south end of Yunnan province, Mohan is located in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. It is China’s only national land port to Laos and the most convenient land access to southeast Asia. It’s about 690 kilometers from Kunming the capital. 

How to Get to Mohan Border from Kunming?

Currently, tourists can take direct long-distance bus or flight to Xishuangbanna and then transfer to Mohan Border by bus. Long-distance bus is the main way getting to Mohan

By Long-distance Bus

Mohan is a small town, so tourists can take the bus travel to Mohan Border with a trip in Mengla County. At Kunming South Bus Station(南部客运站), there are long-distance buses running from Kunming to Mohan Border and Mengla County. If you want to get to Mengla at first, there are many buses which depart from Mengla to Mohan.

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By Plane+Bus

There is no direct flight from Kunming to Mohan Border. The nearest airport is Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport(西双版纳嘎洒机场) located in Jinghong City, and tourists can fly to Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport from Kunming Chuangshui Airport(昆明长水机场). Then transfer to Mohan Border

There is no direct bus heading to Mohan from the airport, so you’ll need to take the bus or taxi to Jinghong Passenger Station and then continue moving to Mohan. Everyday, there are tow buses running to Mohan from Jinghong Passenger Station which depart at 06:50 and 10:40. It cost CNY85.

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By Train

At present, the railway from Yuxi to Mohan is under construction and it is expected to be open to traffic by 2021. The main stops from north to south are Yuxi, Yanhe, Eshan, Luoli, Yuanjiang , Mojiang, Ninger, Puer, Mengyang, Xishuangbanna, Ganlanba, MenglaMohan. By then, tourists can take the train to Mohan Border.

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