Huaning County History

According to the historical materials, Huaning has a long history of more than 2000 years. After the warring stage, old China was divided into 9 prefecture, and Huaning county was the territory of Liangzhou prefecture, later, during 279AD to 221AD, Huaning was under the jusidiction of Dian kingdom. In Han dynasty, Wudan county was set in Huaning county now, and was under the jurisdiction of Zanke prefecture, later, it was subordinate to Xinggu prefecture. In Tang dynasty, Xining prefecture was set, and Huaning was the territory of the prefecture. During the Song dynasty, Huaning was subordinate to Xiong tribe, Nanzhao kindom, later in Yuan Dynasty, Ningzhou Ten Thousand Family High Position was set, , in 1273, it was renamed as Ninghai prefecture. In Ming and Qing dynasty, Ningzhou became an institution equal to county. In 1912, Ningzhou prefecture was abolished and Ning county was set, 21 years later, it was renamed as Huaning county. In 1950, Huaning county was liberated.