JizhaoAn Nunnery in Dali City

Chinese Name: 大理寂照庵
English Name: JizhaoAn Nunnery in Dali City
JizhaoAn Nunnery in Dali City JizhaoAn Nunnery in Dali City-04 JizhaoAn Nunnery in Dali City-03 JizhaoAn Nunnery in Dali City-02
Jizhao nunnery, the name from “Feeling and then pass, silent as a warning,” nestled in the ancient cypress at the foot of Cangshan in Dali. Miao Hui said that these plants and flowers in the yard are planted with them by her leading. Decades of cultivation have made such great achievement. Not only planting flowers and plants, her greatest achievement was that to plant succulents. The temple is full of plants planted by potting, soil, hanging, and even the crevices in the walls are full of vitality.

Many women come here and even want to stay because there are too many flowers, so warm environment, so elegant courtyard. It was popular and praised by the visitors, Jizhao nunnery is even honored as “the most petty bourgeoisie temple in China” and “the most beautiful nunnery”.

As we chatted, more and more people gathered outside. Turning out to be that theyeat at the monastery and waited for it early. There are many places for vegetarian food(斋饭). How can it be so hot here? It seems that many people came to Jizhao nunneryfor this meal.

Jizhao nunnery’s vegetarian meal was 20 yuan for one person. There were many dishes and it was very tasty which was done with heart. Everyone was were full of praise for it and it was added again and again.

You can do anything if you do it by heart. Miao Hui master practice the mind and dedicate the mind to the Buddha; she plants flowers and grass and care for the monastery, she also to serve a vegetarian meal for everyone. This is the best place to experience the life of the monastery and this is the place smriti Dharma heritage.