Lahu Ethnic Folk Customs Garden in Lancang County, Puer

Lahu Ethnic Folk Customs Garden

Lahu Custom Garden is located in the north of Lancang County. The park is surrounded by mountains and waters. The trees are green, and the environment is beautiful and spiritual. It is an AA-class tourist attraction for leisure vacations in Lancang county.

Lahu Custom Park is the protection and inheritance base of the national intangible cultural heritage “Mupa Mipa”, showing the residences of the eight inhabitants of Lahu, Wa, Hani, Yi, Dai, Hui, Bulang and Jingpo, sculptures, costumes, food, lamps, gardens, etc. It is folklore gardens that combine the legends of various ethnic groups, historical culture, folk customs, architectural art, music and dance, religious beliefs, and living environment. In the Lahu Custom Park, you can taste ethnic snacks, buy ethnic handicrafts, souvenirs, drink ancient teas and sing folk songs, which are the epitome of the national culture.

There is a monument to the revolutionary martyrs and a statue of national unity in the Lahu Custom Park. It is an important base for patriotic education and national unity education, and is the main tourist attraction in Lancang County. 

How to get Lahu Ethnic Folk Customs Garden

People can go there by taxi from Lancang County, or people can ride bikes to go to the Lahu Ethnic Culture Exhibition Center.

Travel Tips

1.If you join the festival, Please respect Lahu People’s Custom.
2.Minority guide will provide the service for you. The charge for the service is different.
3.Ethnic dress is available for rent.