Lingbaoshan Mountain Pilgrimage in Nanjian County, Dali

Chinese Name:大理南涧县灵宝山朝山会
English Name: Lingbaoshan Mountain Pilgrimage in Nanjian County, Dali

Every year on the 20th day of the third lunar month, is the annual Mountain Pilgrimage in Lingbaoshan Mountain, Nanjian County. Lingbaoshan Mountain Pilgrimage is formed naturally by local folks. It can be traced back to Ming and Qing dynasty. It was popular here, and not a few the older has persevered in pilgrimage for 60 years.

Lingbaoshan Mountain is 56 kilometer away from Nanjian County, and the highest altitude is 2,528 meters. Nanjian is a mountainous area where many ethnic groups live in compact communities. Xiangtang people, who is a branch of Yi people, live in Wuliangshan Mountain and Ailaoshan Mountain, and they call themself “Misaba”. Mountain Pilgrimage was initiated by Xiangtang people, and it was prevailing until today.

Pilgrimage is the primary activity in Lingbaoshan Mountain Pilgrimage, but the most passionate activity is Dage (Dance to the rhythmical music). No matter the youth or the old, all make a circle with hands and dance and sing happily.

Translated by Brett Mo/莫宏亮