Memorial Hall of Zhaxi Conference in Weixin County, Zhaotong

Brief Introduction

Covering an area of 8960 square meters, Memorial Hall of Zhaxi Conference is situated in Zhaxi Town of Weixin County, the combination area of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces, known as “cock crowing three provinces”. In the year of 1997, Yunnan Provincial Government honored it as the first group of education of patriotism in Yunnan. There are two parts including the main display hall of Zhaxi conference site and the subsidiary one. The contents displayed are also rich, mainly the things left by the Red Army, such as guns and ammos, medical apparatus and instruments, document literatures and articles for daily use as well as the precious cultural relics appraised by relevant experts, totally 300 pieces. 

History and Culture 

Just as the name shows, the hall was constructed to commemorate the meeting held in conference by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee in February of 1935. It was originally built in December of 1976 and completed one year later and open to the outside. When it came to January of 1938, the meeting site of Zhaxi meeting was approved by the second group of key cultural relic protection unit by Yunnan Provincial Government. The characters meaning “the site of Zhaxi meeting” were written by Hu Yaobang in February of 1985. 

Features of Memorial Hall of Zhaxi Conference

Built on the hillside, the memorial hall is magnificent and you can have a panoramic view of the whole Zhaxi. With two exhibition rooms upstairs and downstairs, the exhibition hall has been repaired for four times in total since it was constructed and the last time was in May of 1996.

Memorial Hall of Zhaxi Conference in Weixin County, Zhaotong

The exhibition line is as long as 180 meters, with more than 170 pictures in total and 70 pieces of remains of the Red Army, which comprehensively introduces the conditions of revolutionary fighting history and the relevant activities, having great importance to the patriotism education and revolutionary tradition.

How to Get there

Tourists can take the long-distance to Weixin county and then take the local vehicle to the memorial hall.