Nujiang Liuku Airport

Nujiang airport is a proposed civil branch airport in Lushui county, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province. It is located in the south of Liuku town(六库镇), on the mountain beam of Jiuzhai village(旧寨村), 1 km from the town as a direct line and 2 km from the highway. It has been officially started construction on February 24, 2016, with a total construction period of 3 years, which is planned to open to traffic in October 2019. Nujiang airport will promote the development of local tourism and Yunnan-Tibet travel routes. After the completion, local economic and social development will also be promoted.

Nujiang Liuku Airport is a proposed development to serve the city of Nujiang, Yunnan Province. Nujiang is located in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture and named after the longest undammed river in South East Asia, and the Lisu ethnic community. The CNY2.7 billion (USD391.1 million) project received CAAC approval in Feb-2016.

Oct-2019. Nujiang Liuku Airport project received approval from the military on 18-Oct-2019, striving to commence construction work in 2020. The CNY3100 million (USD440.2 million) airport is planned as a category 4C regional airport with one 2800m runway, six category C aircraft stands, targets 400,000 passengers and 1600 tonnes cargo p/a by 2025.

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