Moon Bay Wetland Park in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

Why is the Moon Bay(YueLiangWan) Wetland Park So Special?

Yueliangwan(Moon Bay) Wetland Park is developed and managed by Yue Chun Hotel悦椿酒店. It is adjacent to Fuxian Lake Yue Chun Resort Hotel and is suitable for strolling on the edge of Fuxian Lake. The wetland park is connected to Yue Chun Hotel(Angxana Fuxian Lake) via an underground passage decorated with ancient fossil pictures and text description. What’s more, Moon Bay Wetland Park is open to hotel guests free of charge. Various kinds of plants are planted in the park, like a botanical garden. On the southernmost side the park, Fuxian lakeside, is an open beach that seems to be on the true sunny shore.

Where is Moon Bay Wetland Park?

Moon Bay Wetland Park, located on the north bank of Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang County, Yuxi City, is adjacent to Fuxian Lake Yuechun Holiday Hotel(Angxana Fuxian Lake). It is the nearest scenic spot to the county seat of Chengjiang County. It is about 60 km away from Kunming and 13 km from Chengjiang Bus Terminal.

Nearby Attractions

1. Cherry Blossom Valley樱花谷

Next to Angsana Fuxian Lake, cherry blossom valley is located on the northeastern side of Fuxian Lake, 15 km away from the Chengjiang county. It is an international high-end elderly care community dominated by high-end health care functional areas, supporting five-star hotels and an ecology landscape theme park of about 200,000 square meters. it is a pension resort area with tourism, strolling, pension, leisure and holiday.

2. Mingxing Scenic Spot明星景区

Mingxing scenic spot includes Mingxing fish cave明星鱼洞 and Biyun mountain碧云山 two major scenic spots. Mingxing fish cave is located on the west bank of Fuxian lake, about 1 km from Mingxing village, Jiangchuan district, Yuxi city.

3. Luchong Scenic Area禄充景区

Luchong Scenic Area is the most beautiful scenic spots on the west bank of Fuxian lake, 19 kilometers away from Chengjiang county. Important attractions of Luchong scenic area include Jianshan mountain尖山, Qilin mountain麒麟山, Wenchang palace文昌宫, Grand Buddha temple大佛寺, Laoyu village老渔村, Dadong Cave大洞, golden beach, Bosiwan波息湾, Biyan park笔砚公园 and Bijia hill笔架山. With the completed tourist facilities and colorful entertainment projects of the scenic area, Luchong Scenic Area is an ideal place for sightseeing and leisure.

4. Chengjiang Biota澄江生物群

Chengjiang biota, located near Maotianshan Mountain帽天山, Chengjiang, Yunnan Province, is a intact early Cambrian paleontological lithosphere. She vividly reproduced the magnificent landscape of marine life and the primitive characteristics of living animals 530 million years ago, providing valuable evidence for the study of the origin, evolution, ecology and other theories of life that lasted 5370 million years in the early period of the Earth

Best Time to Visit

Different seasons have different scenery at Moon Bay Wetland Park. In Spring, various flowers are in bloom, you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms at the cherry blossom valley. In summer and autumn, Yunnan gets hot. Moon bay Wetland Park is an ideal place to escape the heat. In winter, with clear weather and warm temperature, the lake looks more clearer and greener. You can fully enjoy the beauty of Fuxian Lake. Therefore, tour is possible all the year round.

How to Get There

Bus is the main means of transportation to Moon Bay Wetland Park. You can take long-distance bus from Kunming to Chengjiang. After arriving at Chengjiang Bus Terminal, you can take No.2 bus or taxi to the wetland park.

Kunming-Chengjiang County

There are midibuses from Kunming South Bus Station to Chengjiang County. It takes about 1 hour and a half to Chengjiang Bus Terminal. Ticket price is about 20 yuan each person. The phone number of Kunming South Bus Station is 0871-67361722.

Accommodation Around Moon Bay Wetland Park

1. Angsana Fuxian Lake抚仙湖悦椿度假酒店

Address: No.8, Huanhu North Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县环湖北路8号

Tel: 0877-6818888

Starting Price: 599 CNY

2. Fuxian Lake Yueliangwan Shangjia Hotel抚仙湖月亮湾·尚家酒店

Address: No.8, Huanhu North Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县环湖北路8号

Tel: 0877-6222190

Starting Price: 139 CNY

3. Cloud Fuxian Lake抚仙湖云之梦度假酒店

Address: No.8, Huanhu North Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县环湖北路8号

Tel: 0877-6766666

Starting Price: 276 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. Moon Bay Wetland Park or Yueliangwan Wetland Park is close to Yuechun Hotel(Angsana Fuxian Lake), If you stay at the hotel, the entrance is free.

2. Ultraviolet ray is strong in summer, when you go to Moon Bay Wetland Park on sunny days, remember to bring sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat or other sunscreen products.