Nanzong Mountain Pass of Meili Snow Mountain

A pass is, by definition, a road on the top of a mountain. Nanzong Mountain Pass is the highest point on the 12-km road  from Xidang to Yubeng village, with prayer flags hanging all around. With the altitude of 3,700 meters, Nanzong Mountain Pass is the only way getting to the Yubeng Village, which is also a large rest area. The mule-riding from Xidang village usually stops here. There are three stops on the road for rest and energy-refuelling, the first at an altitude of 3,100 meters, the second at 3,500 meters and the third at the Nanzong Mountain pass.

From Xidang Hot Spring to Nanzong Mountain Pass, people will pass over the mountains. It’s about 2 hours’ mule-riding and 4 hours’ walking. And tourists can only rent a mule at Xidang Hot Spring.  A long straight path up the mountain with a height of up to one kilometer, you can’t rent horses on the halfway. There is no sedan chair and no scenery for recreation, and you can climb the slope only by your own strength. 

It is necessary to walk 20 kilometers uphill and 18 kilometers downhill to enter the village of Yubeng. When get to the Nanzong Mountain pass, it meant that the uphill road had been completed. 

Nanzong mountain pass is also a good place to see Shennv peak and Wufang Buddha peak. There is a wooden observation deck in the concession stand, and you can see the two peaks from the observation deck. However, there is a certain fee to pay for the observation deck.