Shiping Guild House in Kunming

Shiping Guild House, referred as “shí pínɡ huì ɡuǎn” in Chinese, is situated on the south shore of the Green Lake of Kunming. It’s the most well-preserved guild houses out-comers built in Kunming in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Shiping Guild House was originally constructed in Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty thus has a history of over 200 years. In 1921, it was given a massive re-construction sponsored by businessmen and students from Shiping County.


Covering 1,660 square meters, Shiping Guild House turns out to be a 2-storey classic folk residential complex. Designed in a style of Chinese traditional compound, it comprises three courtyards with the second floor of each building connected to each other by corridors. With exquisite decorations, the entire Guild House complex brings antique flavors, exhibiting high historic and artistic values.


Mr Yuan Jiagu (1872-1937), who was born in Shiping County and is known as “the No.1 Scholar of Yunnan Province in the Imperial Examination” in the Qing Dynasty, once lived in Shiping Guild House and inscribed for it. So far, the Guild House has been listed as a precious historical site of Kunming. Meanwhile, it’s also a decent restaurant serving authentic Yunnan food.


Travel tips
(1)-Shiping Guild House is open to public for free; but it’s much more meaningful to have meals inside;
(2)-Add: No. 24, Zhonghe Alley, Cuihunan Road
(3)- Tel: 0871-63627444
(4)-Hotels: Grand Park Hotel Kunming; Green Lake Hotel
(5)-Nearby: Green Lake Park; Yunnan Military Institute; Yuantong Temple