Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve in Maguan County, Wenshan

Why is Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve So Special?

Maguan Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve马关老君山自然保护区 belongs to Wenshan National Nature Reserve. The total area of the nature reserve is 344,400 mu, in which the core area is 136,400 mu, the buffer area is 105,800 mu, and the experimental area is 102,200 mu. The forest coverage rate of the protected area is 94.3%. The highest elevation of the reserve is 2579.3 meters, from the mountain top, you can overlook the most area of Maguan county马关县 and Malipo county麻栗坡 and the border between China and Vietnam. And the peak is the ideal place to watch the sunrise and the sunset landscape. The subtropical broad-leaved forest in the region is well preserved and can let you enjoy the original forest. It is a natural oxygen bar and a good place for sightseeing. All kinds of brightly-colored and melodious birds can be found everywhere.

Where is Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve?

Laojun Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve in Maguan County is a nature reserve of evergreen broad-leaved forest in the subtropics approved by Yunnan Provincial people’s Government in November 1981. It is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, the contiguous zone of Maguan and Malipo counties. The geographical coordinate is between 104°33´18″-104°33´56″ east longitude and 22°53´47″-22°57´31″ north latitude, and the altitude is 1400 m to 2579.3 m. It has been developed into a nature reserve.

Main Protected Objects of Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve

1. Zibet大灵猫, Rasse小灵猫, Silver Pheasant白鹇, Blue Sheep岩羊, typhlops盲蛇 and other animals included in the national and provincial protection animal list.

2. Parlex tree伯乐树, alcimandra cathcardii长蕊木兰, parakmeria yunnanensis云南拟单性木兰, dipteronia dyerana云南金钱槭, tulip tree鹅掌楸, Yunnan craigieae滇桐, tetracentron水青树, rhoiptelea马尾树, wild panax notoginseng野生三七 and other plants included in the national and provincial conservation list.

3. Rivers and water sources.

Best Time to Visit

Most areas of Wenshan Prefecture is subtropical plateau monsoon climate, the southern and eastern edge of the low valley is tropical climate, the annual average temperature is between 15.5 ℃-19.3 ℃. The best time to travel is from May to September, but be sure to bring rain gear and one or two coats in the morning and evening in case the weather changes.

How to Get There

There are long-distance bus from Kunming to Maguan County directly. Then it takes about 2 hours from Maguan Bus Terminal to Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve in Maguan County.

Kunming East Bus Station-Maguan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 10:00, 12:00, 19:30

Price: 149 CNY

Distance: 376 kilometers

Consume Time: 5-6 hours

Accommodation in Maguan County

You’d better stay overnight in Maguan County. Here are several hotels in Maguan County.

1. Runyuan Hotel马关润源大酒店

Address: No.194, Wenhua Road, Maguan County, Wenshan文山自治州马关县文化路194号

Tel: 0876-7134999

Starting Price: 204 CNY

2. Sihaiyijia Hotel马关云南四海一家连锁酒店

Address: No.46, Juncheng Road, Maguan County, Wenshan文山马关县骏城路46号

Tel: 0876-3059666

Starting Price: 214 CNY

3. Hualian Hotel文山马关华联酒店

Address: Anping Square, Maguan County, Wenshan文山马关县安平广场旁

Tel: 0876-7127000

Starting Price: 254 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. It is prone to natural disaster in the mountain area, try not to go out on rainy days.

2. In highland area, temperature difference is large between daytime and night, you are supposed to bring sun cream, sunhat, sun glasses, umbrella, coats and some medicines that protect from heatstroke.

3. There are many precious animals in the nature reserve, do not go alone.