Yiliang County (Zhaotong)

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Yiliang county is located in the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan province, next  to Zhenxiong and weixin county in the east, Weining and Hezhang county in the south ,Zhaoyang district and Daguan county in the west, Yanjin county and Sichuan province in the north. The elevation is 800 meters,71 KM away from Zhaotong city, 443 KM away from Kunming, 586 Km from Chongqing, 603 KM away from Chengdu. Terrain in west and east is narrow in Yiliang County, incline from south to north. The highest elevation is 2780 meters, the lowest is 520 meters. The total area is 2804 square kilometers with its’ population of  521 thousand.