The Iron Chain Bridge in Shigu Town, Lijiang

The Iron Chain Bridge in Shigu Town

The Iron Chain Bridge in Shigu Town, Lijiang

There is a famous iron chain bridge spanning across the Chongjiang River that flows along from the left side of Stone Drum Town (a pivotal place on the ancient route for transportation of commercial goods, particularly tea, by horses between inland provinces and Tibet in China). The bridge is also named Tiehong Bridge because it resembles the shape of a rainbow arching over the waves below. 

The iron chain bridge was built during the Qing Dynasty with wooden boards held onto the iron chains on the bottom as the flooring and on the both sides as fence to protect the walkers. 17 meters in length, people would be feeling a bit wiggling while on it, but it does send them back to the snapshots of history.

Shigu Ancient Town Accommodation

Stone Drum (Shigu) Town is just one of Lijiang’s many landmarks to discover. Usually the recommended time for a visit is about 1-2 hours. So most of the tourists will not choose to stay at Shigu Town for overnight but go back to Lijiang or continue to Shangrila city. You can browse the accommodation part of Lijiang or Shangrila to check the best hotels we recommend for you. Anyhow, there are some Shigu Town local guesthouses introduced to you.

Hotel Name



Five Six Seven Guesthouse(五六七客栈)

Liwei Road near Shigu Pier, Shigu Town, Lijiang, Yunnan


Lijiang Shigu Climbing Base Youth Hostel(丽江石鼓攀岩基地青年旅舍)

Daxin Village, Shigu Town, Lijiang, Yunnan


Lijiang Shihong Guesthouse(丽江石虹宾舍)

Shigu Street near Shigu pavilion, Shigu Town, Lijiang, Yunnan



Lijiang Jingufang Villa(丽江金谷坊山庄 )

Drifting Scenic Area, Shigu Port, Shigu Town, Lijiang, Yunnan


Yulong Jinwan Hotel(玉龙金湾酒店)

First Bend near 225 provincial Road, Shigu Town, Lijiang, Yunnan


How to get to Shigu Ancient Town

1.Lijiang – Stone Drum Town: The bus ride from Lijiang takes about 2 hours and costs approximately 10 yuan.

2.Tiger Leaping Gorge – Stone Drum Town: Buses run via the Tiger Leaping Gorge to Stone Drum Town. It is also possible to take a boat ride up to the First Bend of the Yangtze River, duration: around 1.5 hours.

Travel Tips

● The temperature difference is big between day and night, especially when it is rain. You should take some thick and long sleaves with you to prevent getting cold. Do not forget to prepare some Cold medicine and intestinal medicine. 

As Lijiang is located on plateau, the ultraviolet (uv) radiation is very strong that you should bring sunhat and sun scream with you.

1.You can take the public bus from Lijiang to Shigu Town (Bus station phone :5121106)

2.You can take the minibus in front of Dachanglong supermarket.