Top Cycling Tour Routes around Kunming City

They say that one of the great ways to experience a place is to go cycling around it. Here, we’ve listed five routes for bikers  to choose from when thinking about where to go in and around Kunming. 

1. Lake Dian Area

Route: Dianchi Road – Jinbao Mountain – Baiyukou – Haikou –Jinning – Majinpu – Chenggong – Guangfu Road – Dianchi Road

Tips: It has about 145 km which takes roughly 8 hours.

This route is rather flat and the view is quite nice. But don’t forget to put extra sun block.

2. Aziying – Baiyi – Songhuaba (Songhua Dam)

(photo credit: web)

Route: Minzu University – Heilongtan Park – Aiziying – Xiaohechakou – Songhuaba – Qishuichang – Northern Kunming City

Tips: It has about 130 km which takes 8 hours.

This cycling route is not for beginners as it is considered as one of the most difficult routes among others. There are roughly 12 km of slope from Baiyi to Qishuichang, but which also has the most gorgeous view, especially in the misty morning.

3. Xishan Mountain Maomaoqing

Route: Youth Centre, Dianchi Road – Haigeng – Xishan Mountain Park – Maomaoqing – Little Shilin – Jinbao Mountain – Gaohai Road – Dianchi Road

Tips: There’s a saying in Kunming goes like: “those cycling experts are trained in Xishan Mountain”. With moderate distance and gentle slopes, this route is suitable for anyone. Another advantage of this route is that it offers spectacular views of Kunming city and part of Lake Dian.

4. Fumin – Qinglongxia – Anning

Route: Workers’ Hospital – Puji Road – Fumin – Lvze –Qinglongxia – Wenquan – Anning – Mingbo

Tips: 130 km, roughly takes 7 hours

This is another challenging route, especially from the 320 State highway of Anning, lots of trucks and carts along the way. Be careful and put a mask if necessary to prevent the dust.

5. Kunming – Chengjiang

Route: Kunming – Kunluo Road – Majinpu – Chengjiang Toll Gate – Guanglong – Jianshan Luchong – Mingxing – Gushan – Yudai Lake – Xiaba – Haijing – Haikou – Xiaowan – Aijiu – Chengjiang County – Kunming

Tips: This is the longest route among the aforementioned 4 routes. Better to be fully prepared.