The Southern Tour Route of Kunming City (Kunming – Chenggong – Jinning )

Five lesser known travel routes around Kunming Part 5

The Southern Route (Kunming – Chenggong – Jinning )

Recommended tour: Kunming – Dayu Park – Laoyuhe Wetland – Gudian Wetland – Dongdahe Wetland – Haikou Forestry Centre

Dayu Park

The full name of it is “Dayu Wedding Culture and Art Expo Park”. It is the first wedding theme park in Yunnan, featuring more than 100 wedding themed spots, such as the romantic Mediterranean style buildings, European castles and many more.

Address: Dayu Village, Chenggong District, Kunming

Laoyuhe Wetland Park

Besides its scenic wetland, tulip show is another highlight of Laoyuhe Wetland Park. Imported from the Netherlands, various kinds of tulips are paving the way to show their best to the spring city.

Address:Zhonghe Village, East of Huanhu Road, Kunming

Gudian Wetland Park

Consists of three major areas (Kunming Lake, Qianxing Sea and Cailian Pond), Gudian Wetland Park promotes Gudian (ancient Kunming) culture by presenting Dian style architecture spreading over the wetland.

Address: South Huanhu Road, Kunming

Dongdahe Wetland Park

Located at the outer zone of the Lake Dian, at the far end, it is not easy to tell from which part is the sky and which part is the water itself. The quietness and ideal environment have drawn more than 20 bird species to settle in here. These days, artists have also found that it’s a superb spot for them to catch the lovely scenery by their brushes.

Address: Xingwang Village, Kunyang Town, Kunming

Haikou Forestry Centre

Forestry covers more than 85% in here which has been recognised as the only “National Ecological Education Base” in Yunnan Province by related department in 2010. Also, Kunming Forestry Exhibition Hall was established in Haikou Forestry Centre, which opens to public every day. Furthermore, it will build the Haikou Forestry Park in the near future.

Address: Kuandiba, Haikou, Xishan District, Kunming