Train Schedules of Shangri La Railway Station

Shangri-La Railway Station introduces the location, profile, maps, travel tips, normal trains and high speed trains schedule, train tickets booking, transportation, layout, facilities and service, travel guide of Shangri-La Railway Station. Located in Jiantang town of Shangri-La city, Shangri-La Railway Station is the terminus of Lixiang railway(Lijiang-Shangrila Railway) under construction and the intermediate station of Yunnan-Tibet railway under planning. It will be put into use together with Lixiang railway in 2020.

Station Name (EN): Shangri-La Railway Station
Station Name(CN): 香格里拉火车站/Xianggelila Huochezhan
Address(EN): Shini Village, Jiantang Town, Shangri-La City, Diqing, Yunnan
Address(CN): 云南省香格里拉市建塘镇尼史村

The meaning of the construction Shangri La Railway Station

The construction of Li Xiang railway is a great benefit to the railway industry. There are abundant mineral resources and tourism resources along the railway. It is the inhabited area of Tibetan, Naxi, Yi and Lisu nationalities. The minority population accounts for one third of the total population along the railway. After the completion of Li Xiang railway, it will link up with the existing Kunming to Lijiang railway and link Yunnan tourist attractions Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La to promote the development of tourism economy and society along the line. At the same time, it will be linked to the whole country and even Southeast Asia and South Asia.

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