Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs in Chuxiong City

Why is Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs So Special

The Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs are located on the banks of the Qinglong River, 3 km south of Chuxiong City. They are the ancient tomb sites of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. They have a history of more than 2,000 years. This was discovered in the farm fundamental construction in March 1974. The Yunnan Provincial Cultural Relics Task Force began to excavate the cultural relics in May 1975. From October of the same year to January 1976, it was officially excavated. The excavation area was 3,000 square meters with a total of 79 ancient tombs. The unearthed cultural relics were up to 1,245 pieces, of which 5 pieces of bronze drums are the most precious and were named as “Wanjiaba-type Bronze Drum(万家坝型铜鼓)”. It has been measured by “Carbon 14” and has been around for 2,600 years, which are the earliest bronze drum discovered in the world.

Where is Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs

The Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs are located on the banks of the Qinglong River, 3 km south of Chuxiong City.

How to Get There

Chuxiong is 163 kilometers away from Kunming and can be directly reached by car. After arriving in Chuxiong City, it is very convenient to get to Wanjiaba Village by car.

Best Time to Go

Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs are the place to visit at any time. 

Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs in Chuxiong City

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Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs in Chuxiong City

Wanjiaba Ancient Tombs in Chuxiong City