Weishan Railway Station in Dali

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Station Name (EN):Weishan Railway Station in Dali
Station Name(CN): 巍山火车站/Weishan Huochezhan
Address(EN): West of Hongheyuan Road, Nanzhao Town, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan
Address(CN): 云南省大理州巍山县南诏镇红河源路以西

Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County Railway Station is located in Weishan County, Dali City, Yunnan Province, China. It is an important transportation hub in the region, providing access to various cities and regions in Yunnan.

To check the train schedule and timetable for Weishan County Railway Station, you can refer to the following websites:

  1. China Railway 12306官方网站: https://www.12306.cn/
  2. 携程网: https://www.ctrip.com/
  3. 去哪儿网: https://www.qunar.com/

Here is a sample of the train schedule from Kunming to Weishan Railway Station in Dali

Train Schedule from Kunming to Weishan:

  • High-speed trains: G2871 (Kunming South – Weishan), G2873 (Kunming South – Weishan), G2877 (Kunming South – Weishan), G2881 (Kunming South – Weishan)
  • Ordinary trains: K9610 (Kunming – Weishan), K9612 (Kunming – Weishan), K9614 (Kunming – Weishan)

Train Schedule from Weishan to Lincang:

  • High-speed trains: G2872 (Weishan – Kunming South), G2874 (Weishan – Kunming South), G2878 (Weishan – Kunming South), G2882 (Weishan – Kunming South)
  • Ordinary trains: K9609 (Weishan – Kunming), K9611 (Weishan – Kunming), K9613 (Weishan – Kunming)

Train Schedule from Weishan to Dali:

  • High-speed trains: D8102 (Weishan – Dali), D8104 (Weishan – Dali), D8110 (Weishan – Dali)
  • Ordinary trains: K9626 (Weishan – Dali), K9628 (Weishan – Dali)

Please note that the train schedule and timetable may change from time to time, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information on the official website or travel booking platforms.