Sunnuo Qilin –  Representative Inheritor of Tibetan Black Pottery Firing Techniques in Shangri-la, Diqing 

Personal Profile

Sunnuo Qilin(孙诺七林), male, Tibetan, born in 1948, is a member of Tangduixia Community(汤堆下社), Nixi Township(尼西乡), Shangri-la County(香格里拉县), Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture(迪庆藏族自治州). Pottery firing technology (Tibetan black pottery firing technology) project representative inheritor.

Sunnuo Qilin and Tibetan Black Pottery Firing Techniques

At the age of 12, Sunnuo Qilin followed his grandfather, Nongbu(农布), who was fascinated by pottery making. He inherited his grandfather’s bowl at a young age. He not only grasped the traditional black pottery firing techniques comprehensively, but also dared to innovate. He tried new techniques and techniques on the traditional basis, developed new black pottery firing techniques, and expanded the variety of black pottery. He decorated the black pottery with white chips, reflecting the black and white and adding aesthetic feeling. The work is simple in shape and unique in craftsmanship.

Achievements and Works

In the early 1970s, his works were exhibited at the Canton Fair. In 1991, 24 works on display in Beijing were collected by the preparatory group of the National Cultural Palace and Museum of Nationalities. “Decoration” magazine (No. 2, 1997) made a special introduction to him and his works. Since then, his pottery has gained popularity. Many units and people at home and abroad have collected his pottery.

At present, he has received more than 20 apprentices, and his two sons have been passed on to him. Under the leadership of Sun Nuo Qilin, more than 60 households in Tangdui Village have been engaged in black pottery production, becoming a well-known black pottery firing technology village.

Chinese Version:
Translated by Winnie/张赢