Zhonghe Cableway (Xiaosuodao) of Cangshan Mountain in Dali City

Zhonghe Cableway(Xiaosuodao)

Zhonghe Cableway(中和索道) is located in Zhonghe Peak of Cangshan Mountain. The cableway starts from the west of the Sanyue Street Racecourse in Dali Ancient Town and extends to Yudai Road of Zhonghe Peak. When the tourists take the slowly running ropeway, divers landscape catch your eyes, like the gloomy Cangshan Mountain, the white snow, the blue sea, the long-distance ancient city of Cangwu Dam and the Bai people’s dwellings]. The end of the cableway is the famous Zhonghe Temple in Dali. You can visit the famous scenic spots along the Yudai Road along the Yudai Road, which is 16 kilometers long on the mountainside of Cangshan Mountain.

Useful Travel Tips

Zhonghe Cableway is the pen-air ropeway. Please take care of yourself when taking Zhonghe Cableway.

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