Apply Chinese Motorbike License in Beijing

Beijing is a city of more than 22 million people surrounded by 7 Ring Roads and immense traffic jambs during rush hours, where taking a bus or the quick subway can be a stressful adventure every morning and evening. If you already know how to drive a motorcycle and your every day ride does not take more than 30 minutes, we recommend you to buy a motorcycle for the city.

Prices are very economic and it definitively will give you the advantage of not losing time taking public transport or waiting inside a taxi in a jamb.

We hope that this guide will help you to complete your inscription and attend your motorcycle driving license. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you to obtain it. If you just show your driving skills and safety driving, it should be a piece of cake!

We give you some advice and answer some frequent questions about the use of motorcycles:

1. Is it useful to have a motorcycle in Beijing?

If you are going to be living in Beijing you will see if it is convenient for you to buy a motorcycle, ride your own car or use public transport but as said, having a motorcycle in this city will make you life easier. It is also important to mention that driving in Beijing is not as safe as driving in Europe or the US because people do not follow a lot of the driving regulations. If you prefer to do some sport you can also chose having a bike or an electric bike which is very similar to a motorcycle but more comfortable for the city center.

Have a look on:

2.What is important to know when buying and driving a motorbike in Beijing?

China and especially a big city like Beijing has a lot of illegal motorcycles around. This means you have to be aware of your own motorbike so it does not get stolen but also when buying one. Make sure they are registered and have a legal plate if you buy a second hand motorbike. The police in Beijing is not very strict about safety rules like wearing or not a helmet but they are when it comes to drink and drive. If you ride an illegal bike and the police caught you, it may be confiscated but driving drunk can have legal consequences that goes from a high bail to prison.

3. Where can I buy a legal motorcycle?

The problem about buying a motorcycle in Beijing is quiet an advantage but not totally legal: you will be able to buy a motorbike in several shops and stalls in main commercial streets for a cheap price. New motorcycles in these places are OK in terms or mechanism and design but you need to have a Jing A plate for driving inside the 1 and 2 Ring Road and a B Plate for being able to drive outside these Ring Roads which is difficult to get but legal to be transferred.

You also have the option to buy a motorbike directly from the owner through websites such as:

4. Is the city really convenient for using a motorcycle?

The city of Beijing usually has two lanes: one for cars and another for bikes and motorcycle so we can say yes. It is quiet easy to drive around the city ones yo know the locations and Ring Road streets. For further distances it can be a little confused too because traffic signs are in Chinese characters and only the main name is written down in western letters but for short distances it is still convenient. The weather in Beijing offers a great opportunity during summer, autumn, and spring for riding a motorcycle but not during the winter months because temperatures can go down to -15 degrees.

5. Where to get my official motorcycle license in Beijing?

Foreigners wanting a motorcycle license in China must obtain the license at the Lao Shan Training School (北京市石景山区老山西街15号). For going there just take subway Line 1 to reach the training school. An enrollment in their Beijing motorcycle class is required for your license. In Beijing the traffic regulation does not make any differences between motorcycles and their licenses as long as they are 50CC or above.

6. How to get the license? Which documents do I need?

To get a motorbike license follow these four steps and also have a look on the official website.

Step 1: Health Check

Mostly any hospital’s health check is accepted, Beijing Relocation recommends using the hospital near the subway stop Lao Shan Training School (体检中心). The health check is relatively simple and will not take longer than an hour to complete. The cost is RMB 10.

Step 2: Document Submission

Go to the Lao Shan Training School to submit the following documents:

– Original passport with 2 photocopies.

– 2 copies of your resident visa (valid for at least three months)

– 2 copies of your temporary residence registration from your local police station

– 5 1-inch photos of you (white background)

– Health-check certificate

– Completely filled out application form (on site)

– Your Chinese name

*Registration fee of RMB 1560

Step 3: Motorcycle Driving Test

Approximately 2 days after you submit all needed, the training school will give you a time to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to take your motorcycle driving test.

While you are at the DMV, you will also apply for your motorcycle license plates. The DMV is located in the southeast of Beijing in十八里店南桥 (shí bā lǐ diān nán qiáo).

Beijing Relocation recommends meanwhile you are at the DMV to purchase the traffic guide book for your computer test in English. The cost is around RMB 90.

Step 4: Computer Test

Lao Shan Training School will contact you, to let you know when to visit back the DMV to take the computer test. Of course, the training school can help you to prepare the test.

Approximately one week after successfully completing all the above steps, you will be able to collect your motorcycle license.