Bigu Heaven Lake in Shangri La, Diqing

Brief Introduction

With the altitude of 3500 meters, Bigu Heaven Lake, covering an area of 0.21 square kilometers, lies in the Bigu Rangeland which is located in Lianhe Village of Zhongdian Town in Shangri-la City. It is about 51 kilometers away from the city seat and the road reaches the lake area, hence very convenient. In Tibetan language, Bigu Tianchi Lake is called Chu Zhang, meaning a small lake. It got the name because it is situated in Bigu Rangeland. This lake is surrounded by the forest and the water inside is as clear as jade. It presents extraordinary peaceful and clear.


The 30 square kilometers area in the surrounding area of the lake was covered by primeval forests with large and ancient trees, mostly tall and straight fir and spruce. This dense and green forest is full of the vitality of the great nature. The lakeside is surrounded by rhododendrons, mostly yellow, red and white. With the average depth of 1.62 meters, the deepest point of the lake is only three meters. To the south of the lake is a marshy area with lots of water and wild birds, including yellow duck, sheldrake, black-necked crane. 


There is an oval-shaped island in the middle of the lake, with many azaleas standing between 1.5 and 2 meters tall. Legend has it that there are two yellow azalea on the island, which is changed by a pair of sentimental yellow duck. During every June-September, there are groups of yellow ducks habitating on the island to give birth to little ducks.

Best Time to Visit

Visit the lake during the period from May to July, you can enjoy beautiful and fragrant azalea flowers. The flowering phase of azalea is from the middle June to the end of July, during which all colors of azalea are in full blossom, decorating the lake. The slow slope in the north of the lake is covered by the azalea of purple and pink colors blooming from the late of May to the end of June. When it comes to the late autumn and winter, the sacred Tianchi Lake will be covered by snow. But the water is still clear and the trees are also green.

How to Get there

There are shuttle buses in town that make regular trips to reach the lake area.