Baoshan Stone Village in Lijiang

Why is Baoshan Stone Village so special?

Baoshan Stone City is a Village with real natural barrier, with the cliffs surrounding on three sides, and Jinsha River Protecting the fourth side; it is just two stone doors in the north and south available for access.

It was about on five or six centuries in Northern and Southern Dynasties (220—589), Naxi ancestors migrated here. Around the end the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and the early of Tang Dynasty(618-907), there was a team of Mosuo people moved from Ninglang Yongning to Baoshan Stone City. They bulled by the horns and used the locally available stone to built stone steps terraces.

Residents living in the stone village are good at farming; they built their homes in the boulder, build terraced fields and construct water conservancy to plan rice, wheat, corn and so on. When wheat matured in May, and rice yellow at Oct, it is the most beautiful season of Baoshan Stone Village.

Where is Baoshan Stone Town?

Baoshan Stone Town, Lijiang Baoshan Stone Village or Baoshan Stone City is located in the riverside of Jinsha River, hides in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with 110 km away from the ancient city of Lijiang. In the Stone City, the tile roofs and roadway aspect can see everywhere. Nakhi (Naxi) people use local resources to polish the stone pillars and house potential, which is filled with ancient natural and wonderful infinite.

History of Baoshan Stone Town

Baoshan Stone Village was built between 1277 and 1294. It has over 800 years of history. In 1253, the prince of the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai, led his army to occupy Dali city. After his army passed Jinshajiang River, they rested at a stone village and became the first villagers in Baoshan Stone Village.

What are the features of Baoshan Stone Town?


Ancient buildings in Baoshan Stone Village

Baoshan Stone Village is located in the Jinshajiang River ravine, 110 km north of Lijiang city. About 100 families live in the village, which got its name by being located near a giant stone that looks like a mushroom. Three sides of the giant stone are cliffs, and another side faces Jinshajiang River. One can enter the village from only two stone gates, one on the south and one on the north.

Houses in the village are all made of natural stones, and people carve the houses in the stones. Visitors are amazed by the superb craftsmanship done by the village ancestors hundreds of years ago.
There are terrace fields on the hillside around Stone Village. The view in Baoshan Stone Village is breathtaking during the summer and autumn.

Independent Irrigation System

The most wonderful thing in the village is the independent aqueducts/irrigation system. The villagers use them for each track of field, but without any affection on those of others.

Recommended Baoshan Stone Town Tours

Nestled at the banks of the Yangtze River, Baoshan Stone Town is worth a visit when you’re around the area of Lijiang. Hiking tours of Baoshan Stone Village are most popular. Here we have prearrange some trekking tour packages.

2 Days Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Baoshan Stone Town Tour

10 Days Yunnan Trekking Tour of Tiger Leaping Gorge and from Baoshan Stone Town to Lugu Lake

How to get Baoshan Stone Town

Baoshan Stone Village is located about 140km north east of Lijiang, not far from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge (through which the same river flows by the way). Eventhough not very far away, it is still a bit troublesome to reach. Driving the small and winding road to the village takes about 5-6 hours from Lijiang city. Another option to reach Baoshan Stone Village is taking an alternative route further west, leading you straight through Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area. This takes about 1-2 hours less but requires to pay an entrance fee of a hefty 230 RMB per ‘visitor’.

Alternatively, taking a public bus from Lijiang to Baoshan Township is also possible (around 4 hours). From the bus terminal you have to hitchhike or continue by foot around 3 hours to reach Baoshan Stone Village. Getting back to Lijiang by public bus would be possible the next day at around 11am again at Baoshan Township.

Getting to Baoshan Stone Town is not easy. Even though not very far away from Lijiang, Baoshan Stone Town is still a bit troublesome to reach. Here we introduce several ways to get in here from Lijiang.

1.Private Minibus

There is minibus departure from Lijiang to Baoshan Stone Town which costs about RMB 30. 

2. Coach

The coach will take you to the government of Baoshan township. Then you need to walk another three hours to get to Baoshan Stone Village. 

3. Car-rental

Rent a car to Baoshan Stone Town is also available. Start from Lijiang ancient city, then via Ganhaizi, Mingyin Township, Baoshan township and arrive at parking lot of Baoshan Stone Town. Walk about 500 meters to Baoshan Stone Town. 

If you go back to Lijaing Old City after 18:00pm, drive through the back entrance of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic spot, at this time this is no entrance fee.

4. Landway +Waterway

You can take a bus or rent a car to the Ahai Power Station(阿海电站), then rent a boat along the Jinsha river to reach the stone town. The boat fare will be RMB 300-400, and you can bargain with the boatman. 

On both sides of the Jinsha river, the scenery is similar to that of the three gorges.

Baoshan Stone Town Accommodation

Usually it will take two days to visit Baoshan Stone Town. There are several guesthouses located in the town with budget price. While the facilities of these hotels are not as good as those in Lijiang Old Town, but safe and clean. Here we list some of the guesthouse for your reference.

Hotel Name


Yulong Hejun Family Guesthouse


Mu Family Guesthouse


Longwu Guesthouse


Yulong Shicheng Guesthouse


Yulong Suiyuan Guesthouse


Best Time to Visit

Jan to June and September to December is the best time  to visit Baoshan Stone Village. Autumn is the most beautiful season of Baoshan Stone Town. The sky is clear and the world is colorful here. In the winter and spring, we can see the snow scene that of the most beautiful four seasons. Summer is the rainy season of Baoshan Stone Town, which is not recommended to come.

Baoshan Stone Town Travel Tips

● The Stone Village is open all year round. As it is an outdoor area, it is better to avoid rainy days. You are recommended to check the weather forecast before setting out.

If you don’t want to rent a car by yourselves,You could inquire from the local agent to get the truck driver’s phone number to go to the town with them. 

What to Pack

● Sunlight is very strong in the whole Yunnan Province, wear sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and sun block, etc.

● Take the necessary medicine with you.

● Bring plenty of clothes. The temperature difference between day and night is very large.

Baoshan Stone Town is suitable for you, if you…

Although Baoshan Stone Town boasts spectacular and stunning scenery, there are three kinds of tourists who are not suitable.

● This place is not suitable for carsick tourists. Due to the inconvenient transportation and bad road to Baoshan Stone town, tourist will take a long drive and maybe get carsick.

● This place is not suitable for neat freak tourists. Mules are the main labor force of this village and the families raise pigs. So, you know, this village is a little bit of “tasty”.

● This place is not suitable for materialistic tourists. Baoshan Stone Town is a remote mountain village, the dining and accommodation here is just barely satisfactory. So be ready to have a hard life during the travel.