Best Time for Yunnan Photography Trip

“Yunnan is full of beautiful sceneries.” is not only praised by Yunnan people, but also visitors to Yunnan. it is no exaggeration to say that every place in Yunnan is a scenery. Meanwhile, in different seasons, you can enjoy the different charms of Yunnan. So, “When is the best time to visit Yunnan?” has become a concern of many friends. In fact, friends who come to Yunnan to travel, do not have to worry about this problem, because all seasons are the best time to travel Yunnan. Of course, for shutterbugs, there are beautiful sceneries in every month, every season. If you want to ask me when to go to Yunnan, then look at the best time for Yunnan Photography Trip in 2019!

Duoyishu Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County,Honghe-20
Duoyishu Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County,Honghe-20

1. December-January of the next year

Winter is the best travel season. Xishuangbanna enters the dry season and the weather is sunny and comfortable. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces from sun to sun.

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

In February, Yuanyang has cloud sea almost every day. The Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces are large in scale and magnificent. They stretch across Honghe, Yuanyang, Lvchun and Jinping counties on the south bank of the Red River. There are only 190,000 acres of terraces in Yuanyang County. Photographers don’t need to bring equipments as much as in winter for photograph tour. It is very easy to take a beautiful photo without PS skills.

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Tengchong is one of the most famous volcanic areas in China. There are 97 cenozoic volcanoes in the area and 139 hot springs. It has volcanoes, geothermal heat and hot springs, which are rare in China and the world. Yunnan is becoming an increasingly popular birding destination and Tengchong is one of the excellent areas for bird watching in Yunnan. What’s more, Tengchong was the scene of fierce battles between the Japanese during WWII. The Graveyard of the National Heroes, The Museum of Yunnan-Burmese Anti-Japanese War are the must-see places of Tengchong red tour.

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2. February- April

Compared with the north, it gets warm earlier in spring in Yunnan. What’s more, Luoping is famous for its rapeseed flower and it is the best place to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in Luoping Rapeseed Flowers, Luositian Field and Jinji Peak. From February to March, it is the best time to visit the Luoping Rapeseed Flowers. “Spring City” Kunming is in the most pleasant season, and the peach blossoms in southeastern Yunnan have also entered the flowering period. In April, you can also experience the grand Water Splashing Festival in Xishuangbanna.


The Luoping Rapeseed Flowers Tourism Festival usually starts around January each year, and usually the rapeseed flowers blossom after the Chinese New Year. In general, the flowering period of rapeseed can last until the beginning of April, and the prime time is mid-March. For more details, please refer to Luoping Rapeseed Flowers, Qujing.

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As what the song sang: “March in Dali is the good time.” It is not only the most pleasant temperature, but many festivals and events of the Bai people are also concentrated in this period, such as the “March Street”, the most popular business activity in Dali. When you come to Dali, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake will be the necessary shooting locations.
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3. May-August

In Lijiang from May to June, you can go to see the azaleas of Laojun Mountain. From July to August, it is the best time to visit Shangri-La’s summer scenery. In addition, in July and August, the lotus flowers of Puzhehei and Bamei in the south are in full bloom, which are the most beautiful season.


In the mountains of Lijiang in May, the flowers blossom and are colorful. In addition to Lijiang Ancient Town, Lijiang also has the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the beautiful city of Lashihai Lake and the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge. Every place in Lijiang will be a beautiful picture in your camera.

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At the end of spring and early summer, Shangri-La is the most beautiful at this time. From the end of May to the beginning of June, the main is the sea of azalea flowers (but the time may put off in accordance with the weather change). In mid-June, there are sea of wild flowers, such as large and small irises. Of course, September-October is also the best time for photography due to the rich colors of autumn beauty.

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The most beautiful scenery of Puzhehei is the thousand-mu lotus pond on the summer lake. There are peaks in the distance, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the lake. the smoke rising from the scattered houses, and the beautiful scenery of the fields make up a wonderful picture.

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4. September-November

In autumn, you can go to Dali to experience the Fishing Festival in Erhai Lake. You can also go to the Three Parallel River in Nujiang to enjoy the infinite scenery along the way. In November, the 100-year-old Yinxing Village in Tengchong also has the most beautiful golden autumn scenery in Yunnan.


The best photography month in Dongchuan is in May, September and November. In addition to shooting the Dongchuan Red Land, the azalea flowers around Jiaozi Snow Mountain are beautiful from April to June each year.

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The Nujiang Grand Canyon is located in the Nujiang Prefecture in the northwest of Yunnan. It continues from the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon to the southeast, and is also a geographical wonder in Yunnan. It is the longest, most mysterious, most beautiful and most primitive oriental gorge in the world.

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