Patriotic film shows Yunnan delicacies

The news was updated on December 6, 2019. 

Rice noodle in Yunnan

As the Chinese patriotic film “Voice of the Nation” hit silver screen since October, it has become more and more popular among the audience. 

Telling the stories of Nie Er, the famous musician from Yunnan who composed the national anthem of PRC—“March of the Volunteers”, the film also present dozens of Yunnan delicacies including the smelly tofu, cool rice noodle, small-pot rice noodle, Erkuai(rice cake), bacon, deep-fried insects, sticky rice cake, showing Yunnan people’s effort in exploring and discovering delicacies.

Erkuai(rice cake) in Yunnan

Homesickness is something that can’t be seen and touched, yet it is something specific and concrete. Sometimes, for a person who has been far away from his home for a long time, a homemade delicacy can arouse his homesickness. In the “Voice of the Nation”, his mom often cooked a bowl of rice noodle for Nie Er when he came back at night, which was full of a mom’s love for a son. 

Roast tofu in Yunnan

Through these Yunnan delicacies, the film director shows the homesickness of the protagonist after he left his hometown for study in other places.

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