Boyou Tea Factory in Menghai County, XishuangBanna

Boyou Tea – ‘Boyou’ means ‘obtaining friends’ and reflects the core strategy of the company, which is to develop a loyal customer base with quality products. This tea factory was established in Menghai county in 2005. It is a comparatively recent private venture that is dedicated to producing quality teas that meet national standards, received several provincial and national awards, and has recently been recognized as being one of the top ten Pu-erh tea producers in Yunnan. Being located in the same region as the Menghai Tea Factory, and borrowing many of the same techniques, it is only natural that their teas would compete with the much bigger Menghai Tea Factory ‘Dayi’ brand, particularly their ripe Pu-erh teas. This competition is good for driving up the quality of both tea factories, and the cakes certainly reflect it.