Brand new road to take you to grand Nujiang Canyon by November end

The news was updated on October 17, 2019. 

Nujiang Grand Canyon

The rare stone moon, the first Nujiang River bend, the mysterious group bath, the idyllic Bingzhongluo town… These are travel highlights in the beautiful Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, a fascinating place in northwest Yunnan.

Nujiang Grand Canyon

However, the socio-economic development of the prefecture has long been hampered by poor infrastructure like roads, making it impossible for tourists to visit Nujiang with ease.

Here comes the good news: The beautiful Nujiang road will be completed and open to traffic by the end of November 2019. And people there have sent their greetings: “Welcome to Nujiang!” 

Road to Nujiang

Basics of the widened road

The reconstruction and widening of the beautiful Nujiang road kicked off in August 2017. Starting from the Liuku town in Lushui City, the road passes through Fugong County and ends in the Bingzhongluo town, Gongshan Dulong Autonomous County.

The 286.6-kilometers Nujiang road is designed at a speed of 40 km/h, with an estimated investment of 12.185 billion yuan. Trial operation of the Fugong-Lushui section was finished on September 26, bringing us closer to Nujiang.

Highlights of the newly expanded beautiful road are as follows.

Slow-moving lanes are built along the Nujiang beautiful road for riders, walkers and sightseers. The road is also equipped with running tracks, hot springs and zip-lines.

The road will be fully covered by fiber-optic broad band, with the 4G network and mobile hotspots readily available! Pictures taken can be instantly shared with your online friends.

Special plants will be planted along this beautiful road, including cherry blossoms, peach trees, cotton trees, flame trees, and bougainvillea. Belvederes will be set up for tourists.

All these aim to offer visitors a wonderful tour in Nujiang prefecture.

Here are the major scenic areas along the road:

1. The First Bend

The First Bend of the Nujiang River

The First Bend of the Nujiang River is a must-see spot. Without seeing it, your Nujiang tour will be nothing.

2. Mt. Gaoligong

Mt. Gaoligong on the west bank of the grand Nujiang Canyon

As the natural line of demarcation between China and Myanmar, Mt. Gaoligong lies on the west bank of the grand Nujiang Canyon. It is holy for locals.

3. Stone Moon

The Stone Moon in Nujiang

The Stone Moon is located in mid-section of the Gaoligong mountain range, with an elevation of 3,300 meters. Born out of erosion, the moon-shaped cavern is a signature of the Nujiang tour.

4. Group Bath

Group Bath of Lisu Minority in Nujiang

During the annual Spring Festival, the Lisu folks gather at the river-side hot springs. The traditional Lisu event is also an occasion for folk songs, tasty food and romantic encounters.

5. Bingzhongluo

Bingzhongluo in Gongshan County of Nujiang

It is located on the Nujiang river bank in the north of Gongshan County. Visitors say the pastoral town of Bingzhongluo makes a place where “man and God live together.”

With the beautiful road to open soon, it’s high time to plan your Nujiang tour!

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