Dayangchang Pasture Scenic Area of Laojun Mountain in Nujiang and Lijiang

Why is Dayangchang Pasture Scenic Area So Special?

In the golden triangle where the Nu river, Dali and Lijiang meet, there is a magical land – Luoguqing, located in the Lanping Bai and Pumi autonomous county. There are many ethnic minorities such as Pumi, Bai, Lisu, Yi and Naxi who live in peace and harmony with each other. Dayangchang Pasture Scenic Area, a mountain pasture as one part of Luoguqing, has undulating alpine meadows, well-preserved primitive vegetation, enchanting purple azalea, murmuring streams, and amazing Danxia landform.

Where is Dayangchang Pasture Scenic Area – Location

Dayangchang is located in Hexi township(河西乡) of Lanping Bai and Pumi autonomous county, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan province, which borders Liming scenic area of Lijiang.

Features of Dayangchang Pasture Scenic Area

Every May or June, Dayangchang becomes a purple dream place. The purple rhododendrons burst into bloom in vast clusters, along with flowers of red, pink, white, and yellow. In the sea of flowers, some animals leisurely feed themselves, including cattle, sheep, pig and yak. From south to north, Dayang river turns back to the green pastures, like a silver dragon living here. Daliangzi mountain is a wonderful view point of Dayangchang. As far as the eye is concerned, you can see five mountains of different styles, including Meili Snow Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain, Biluo Snow Mountain and Laojun mountain.

Best Time to Go

Dayangchang Pasture Scenic Area of Laojun Mountain in Nujiang and Lijiang

The scenery of Dayangchang is very beautiful, especially in spring and summer, when all kinds of azaleas bloom from spring to summer. The mountain azalea and tree azalea on the hillside bloom first and then the purple and pink azalea in the middle of plain. May is the best month with a sea flower of azaleas.

How to Get there

From Liming of Lijiang, the road is in poor condition and could not be kept open regularly. It needs about five hours’s driving. From Lanping county to Dayangchang, it’s about 56 kilometers and more than 1 hour’s driving is needed from Lanping county seat to Luoguqing. The road from Luoguqing to Dayangchang is also in bad condition. There are mountain roads from Luoguqing to Dayangchang, and the villagers of Luoguqing village can lead the way. The hiking trail is about three hours, almost the same with driving. Rent a car with a tour guide in the best choice for tourists. Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide the car-rental service for our clients with good vehicle and skilled driver.