Dali North Highway Passenger Station

Dali North Highway Passenger Station(大理汽车客运北站) is located at No.30, Yuhua Road(榆华路), Xiaguan Town, Dali City, its consultation hotline is 0872-2258724. Online booking, query ticket schedule and remaining tickets, Dali North Highway Passenger Station can provide the service of refund or ticket changing.

Dali North Highway Passenger Station Timetable

Departs Arrives Duration
06:20-8:00(every 20 minutes) Shangri-la 5h
06:25-18:15(every 15 minutes) Heqing鹤庆 2h
06:30 Tacheng塔城 5h15m
6:50 Tuoding拖顶 5h30m
06:30-14:00(every 30 minutes) Lanping兰坪 3h30m
06:30-18:00(every 15 minutes) Jianchuan剑川 2h
06:30, 7:30 Weixi维西 6h30m
06:45-13:10(every 15 minutes) Lijiang 2h50m
07:30(every 40 minutes) Baoshan保山 2h30m
07:45-18:15(every 15 minutes) Eryuan洱源 1h30m
08:00-19:00(every 50 minutes) Kunming 4h30m
08:05-19:05(every 20 minutes) Xizhou喜洲 45m
08:20-19:00(every 20 minutes) Hudiequan蝴蝶泉 55m
08:40-17:20(every 40 minutes) Shuanglang 1h
10:00 Tengchong 4h30m
12:30-16:30(every 60 minutes) Niujie牛街 5h10m
17:00(sleeper) Deqin德钦 8h