Sun Palace of Yang Liping in Dali

Sun Palace

Located in the top of Yuji Island, Sun Palace(太阳宫) is the private house of dancer Yang Liping(杨丽萍) and is changed to an art hotel. Surrounded by Erhai Lake, it is very beautiful and only open to the guest of hotel. Appreciating the charming landscape around and listening to the song of lake, it must be the best place for living and enjoying life. Forget the flying time, just stay here and enjoy the sunshine.

Yang Liping(杨丽萍)

Yang Liping was born in Yunnan on November 10, 1958. She is a Chinese dance artist, vice chairman of the 10th China Dancers Association, a national first-class performer, and enjoys the State Council’s “Special Government Allowance”, also the Member of the Expert Committee of the Chinese National Folk Dance Grade Examination.

Sun Palace of Yang Liping in Dali

In 1971, she entered the Xishuangbanna Prefecture Song and Dance Troupe, and later transferred to the Central National Song and Dance Troupe, and was known as the “Peacock Dance”. In 1992, she became the first dancer in mainland China to perform in Taiwan. In 1994, the solo dance “The Spirit of the Bird” (雀之灵) won the gold medal in the 20th century dance classics of the Chinese nation. In 2009, she succeeded with the “Dynamic Yunnan”(云南映象) and became the first dancer in China to hold a personal dance performance.

Useful Travel Tips

Sun Palace is the art hotel. It is in high quality and over RMB 4000 every room.

It is just open to the gusts of Hotel.