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Chinese Name: 官渡区 English IPA: Guandu District Location: Southeast of Kunming Population (city): 882000 Language: Chinese,Kunming Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Guandu District is a district under the jurisdiction of Kunming, Yunnan, China, and it is one of Kunming’s main urban area. The name Guandu (Chinese:官渡) came from the ancient ferry port of Dianchi Lake. It is one of the fastest economic growing district in Kunming. In 1992, Chinese government established the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Guandu District.

Highlights of Guandu District

Guandu Ancient Town:  Guandu Ancient Town is one of the top ten tourist towns in Yunnan. It is located in the south of Kunming and about 10 kilometers from downtown. It is one of the famous historical and cultural towns in Yunnan; also the origin of Ancient Dian Culture.

Golden Horse Temple: The Golden Horse (Jinma) Temple is one of the earliest monasteries in Kunming. According to historical records, The Golden Horse Temple used to worship God of the Golden Horse.It was founded in Tang dynasty (AD 738-AD 902),then reestablished during Ming dynasty (AD 1441).

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    Guandu District Attractions

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    Guandu District Tours

    Welcome to choose our customized, flexible and unique Yunnan Tour packages. we are here to offer you the fabulous travel experience. When you are in Guandu District, Guandu Ancient Town is where you should definitely visit. You can find lots of local food there, such as: Cross Bridge Rice Noodles, Small Pot Rice Noodles, Guandu Baba (Guandu Cakes) and many other delicious food. Across from Guandu Ancient Town is Yunnan Provincial Museum, it contains many locally discovered ancient artifacts. You can consult us for more [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Giandu District Climate Guandu District belongs to the subtropical-plateau mountain monsoon climate. Due to the influence of warm and wet southwestern Indian Ocean, annual average temperature is 15°C (59°F). The climate in Guandu is warm and temperate. The winter months are much rainier than the summer months in Guandu. About 1002 mm of precipitation falls annually. The driest month is January, with 12 mm of rain. Most of the precipitation here falls in July, averaging 209 mm. July is the warmest month of the year. [...]

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    Transportation, Guandu District , China Transportation

    Guandu District is with in Kunming downtown, subway #1 will take you from the north end of Guandu District to the south end. Also, transport using bus is very convenient in Guandu District. Taxi starts at 8 Yuan per first 3 kilometers and additional 2 Yuan for each kilometers after that.  [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    The Horse Racing Festival The Horse Racing Festival is a traditional festival for Yi-zijun ethnic group who lives in Guandu District. Every year on the June 24th of the lunar calendar, Zijun people will hold a "The Horse Racing Festival" at Paoma Mountain in the eastern outskirts of Kunming. This festival is about local people watch horse race to worship gods for bringing peace,prosperity and victory . The Torch Festival The Torch Festival is a traditional festival for the Yi people to celebrade New Year, it’s also known as the "Star [...]

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    Travel Tips

    ‣ Money Exchange You can use cash and your passport to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China without fees charged. And 17 kinds of currency are supported, such as English pound, US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and so on. • Qianshuiwan Branch of Bank of China (Address: 2158, Rixin Road, Guandu District) • Huanchengnan Road Branch of Bank of China (Address: 305, Huanchegnan Road, Guandu District) ‣ Dressing Tips The temperature changes a lot between day and night in Guandu District especially in [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, this part provides you some useful maps like tourist attractions map of Guandu District, region map of Guandu District, location map of Guandu District. [...]

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    Guandu District Accommodation

    Guandu District has abundant tourist resources. As the development of its economy and tourism, hotels of all levels are constructed well. Tourists could find diverse hotels in Guandu District. Here we have collected the most recommended ones for traveller. All hotels are with good location and prices are reasonable with considerate services. English Name Chinese Name Hotel Rating Address Telephone KAI WAH Plaza Hotel 昆明佳华广场酒店 5-star No.157 Beijing Road 0871-63562828 Kunming Guandu Hotel 昆明官渡大酒店 4-star No.282 Rixin Road 0871-671669988 Kunming Jinjiang Hotel 昆明锦江大酒店 4-star No.98 Beijing Road 0871-63138888 Yunnan Yadu Commercial Hotel 云南雅都商务酒店 4-star No.199 Baohai Road 0871-68096666 Kunming Zhongyu Hotel 昆明中玉酒店 4-star No.379 Guomao Road 0871-67155188 Kunming Taili International Hotel 昆明泰丽国际酒店 4-star No.39 Huanchengnan Road 0871-63305888 [...]

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