Dianchi Lakeside Campsite Hotel in Kunming

Chinese Name:昆明湖边Campsite营地酒店
English Name: Dianchi Lakeside Campsite Hotel in Kunming

Kunming Dianchi HolidayCamp B&B is a high-quality hotel located close to Dianchi Lake. Its advantageous location is near the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center and Haichong Wetland Park, allowing you to enjoy the joy of camping without leaving Kunming. Whether it’s a family vacation, a gathering with friends, or a romantic getaway for couples, this is an ideal choice.

Features and Services

  1. Private Courtyards: Each room is equipped with a private courtyard, providing a private and comfortable resting space.
  2. HD Projector: Rooms are equipped with high-definition projectors for a high-quality audiovisual experience.
  3. Starry Sky Ceiling: Specially designed starry sky ceiling creates a romantic and dreamy nighttime atmosphere.
  4. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows: Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy ample natural light and beautiful views at any time.
  5. Air Conditioning: Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable temperature in any season.
  6. Children’s Facilities: Specially designed entertainment facilities for children, allowing them to play happily.
  7. BBQ and Gatherings: BBQ equipment and venues are ideal for family and friends gatherings, letting you enjoy outdoor food and fun.
  8. Afternoon Tea: Thoughtful afternoon tea service makes your holiday more relaxing and pleasant.

Location and Surroundings

  • Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center: Within walking distance, convenient for attending various exhibitions and events.
  • Haichong Wetland Park: Nearby, allowing you to easily enjoy natural scenery and healthy outdoor activities.

Experiences and Activities

  • Camping Fun: Experience the joy of camping and close contact with nature without leaving Kunming city.
  • Family Activities: Children can play to their heart’s content in specially designed entertainment facilities, while parents can enjoy a rare moment of relaxation.
  • Romantic Getaway: The starry sky ceiling and private courtyard design are perfect for couples to spend a romantic holiday.

Booking Information

Welcome to Kunming Dianchi HolidayCamp B&B, where you can start a pleasant, comfortable, and fun-filled holiday life. Book now and enjoy a unique urban vacation experience!