Guangtong North Railway Station (Chuxiong)

Guangtong North Railway Station introduces the location, profile, maps, travel tips, normal trains and high speed trains schedule, train tickets booking, transportation, layout, facilities and servive, travel guide of Guangtong North Railway Station.
Station Name (EN):Guangtong Bei Railway Station / Guangtong North Railway Station
Station Name(CN): 楚雄广通北站/Guangtong Bei Huochezhan
Address(EN): North of Longchuan Town, Nanhua County, Chuxiong, Yunnan
Address(CN): 云南省南华县城龙川镇北侧

Guangtong North Railway Station (Chinese: 广通北站) is another railway station located in the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, China. Here’s some basic information about the station and how to get there:

Introduction to Guangtong North Railway Station (Chuxiong):

Guangtong North Railway Station is likely to be a part of China’s extensive high-speed railway network. Stations with “North” in their name are often newly built to accommodate high-speed trains and are usually located a bit outside the main urban area.

Train Schedule:

To find the train schedule for Guangtong North Railway Station, you can:

  • Visit the official China Railway customer service website or the platform.
  • Check with travel service platforms that are popular in China, like Ctrip (, Qunar, or similar apps.
  • Look at the departure and arrival boards at the station for real-time information.

How to Get to Guangtong North Railway Station (Chuxiong):

Depending on your starting point, there are several ways to reach Guangtong North Railway Station:

  • From Chuxiong City: If you’re coming from Chuxiong city center or another nearby area, you can take a taxi, which is the most straightforward method. There might also be dedicated shuttle buses or local bus services connecting the city with the station.
  • From Other Areas in Chuxiong Prefecture: For those coming from other parts of the prefecture, buses or taxis are the primary options. Some areas may have direct bus services to the station.
  • From Other Cities: If you are traveling from a different city, you can take a long-distance bus or a train to Chuxiong first and then transfer to local transportation to reach Guangtong North Railway Station.

General Travel Tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Always check the latest train schedules and transportation options well in advance of your trip.
  • Know the Station Name: Be aware that there may be more than one station in the area (for example, a regular Guangtong Station and a Guangtong North Station). Make sure you know the exact name of the station you are traveling to.
  • Language Barrier: If you don’t speak Mandarin, have your destination written in Chinese to show to taxi drivers or when asking for directions.
  • Extra Time: Allow plenty of time for travel to the station, especially during peak hours or holidays when traffic can be heavier.

Remember to stay updated on local travel advisories and check if there are any specific requirements or changes to travel due to special events, weather conditions, or construction activities.