Yongren County Entertainment

If you want to spend your leisure time in Yongren County,don’t worry, you can find the the bars and clubs easily in Nanjain County. Maybe you are not interesting in bar and clubs and do not want to watch performance,you can also go to tea house.That is a good choice.

Name:Shenghuang KTV(盛KTV)


Address:Around Huangcheng East Road,Yongren County,Chuxiong

Name:Ouxinile KTV(欧西尼乐KTV)

Address:B-(-103)Old Town Business Districted,Yongren County,Chuxiong

Name:Wenmiao Tea House(文庙茶楼)


Address:No.18,Jianshe Road,Yongren County,Chuxiong

Name:Ruan Tea Bar(如安茶舍)

Address:Around Huangcheng South Road,Yongren County,Chuxiong

Name:Yunhai Bar(云海酒吧)

Address:Near No.07,Wenhui Road,Yongren County,Chuxiong

Name:Senlinyinxiang Bar(森林印象酒吧)


Address:Near Yongqiao Road,Yongren County,Chuxiong

The Torch Festival (火把节)

The Torch Festival is a traditional festival popular in the regions of the Yi people in Shuangbai county. It is also celebrated among other ethnic groups such as the Bai, Naxi, Jinuo and Lahu. The festival features lighting up torches, hence its name. It usually falls in early June of the lunar calendar or on the 24th or 25th of the month, usually lasting for three days of celebrations. The origin of the festival may have something to do with the worship of fire by ancestors, who believed fire had the power to repel insects, drive away evils and hence protect crop growth. For some ethnic groups, it is a tradition of the festival for elders to share farming experience with young people and admonish them to take care of crops.