Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Travel Tips

The snow mountain group closest to the equator, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is also the southernmost big snow mountain in the northern hemisphere. It is the sacred mountain in the Naxi people’s mind. Its main peak is 5596 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by clouds all the year round. It is an unconquered virgin peak. Snow mountain is rich in natural tourism resources, which can be divided into snow areas, glaciers, alpine meadows, primeval forest landscapes, etc. With the change of seasons, azaleas, which open successively at different heights, form the most beautiful scenery of the snow mountain. Since the poster is high and the air is thin, I will give you some travel tips for climbing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain next.

Best travel time:

Autumn and winter are the best,  from Nov to May in the next year

Reason: From January to May, when there is the most snow in Yulong Snow Mountain, it will definitely not disappoint you. The best snow viewing season is sunny and dry, and the snow on the snow-covered mountain is the most touching at this time, whether for sightseeing or photography.

Difference among three cablewasy on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:

There are three mountaineering cableways in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, namely, they can be called Large Cableway (Glacier cableway), Middle Cableway (Maoniuping cableway), and Small Cableway (Yunshanping cableway).Among them, Glacier cableway is the most worth experiencing. As the cableway with the highest altitude in the world, it can directly take tourists from the bottom station (3500 meters above sea level) to the top of the snow mountain with an altitude of 4605 meters.

Three Cableways in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

What do you bring

  • When the wind blows, the temperature on the mountain is relatively low, so you need a down jacket. You can rent it when you get there. )
  • Hot drinks on the mountain are very expensive. Therefore, if possible, you can prepare some chocolate and hot drinking water for yourself during the visit.
  • A pair of sunglasses is necessary to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

More Travel Tips About Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

  • The best travel time for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is from November every year to March next year. The snow-capped mountains can only be seen in the past during this period of time. Other periods are basically free of snow and the scenery is not very good. Therefore, if you plan to go to Yulong Snow Mountain, you’d better choose this time period to pass.
  • The ticket price of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Spot is around 130 yuan, and the price of cableway is 180 yuan. Don’t believe the claim that they are a native outside the scenic spot and they can take you into sonw mountain  at a low price.
  • The highest elevation of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is about 5500 meters, and some people will experience altitude sickness. Therefore, it is best to take some medicines to prevent altitude sickness with you before you leave, and you can buy disposable oxygen cylinders in local supermarkets for emergencies.
  • The weather in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is cold. Pay attention to keeping warm. Never catch a cold when you return from a trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
  • When traveling to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, people usually live in Lijiang Ancient Town. During the peak tourist season, hotels may be nervous. It is better to book rooms online before you go.
  • It is not recommended for tourists to ride up the mountain. Almost all those who ride up the snowy mountain are deceiving tourists and cannot see any scenic spots.
  • There are many small shops in Lijiang, but it needs some bargaining skills to buy things here. The prices of articles here are usually relatively high, so you can  bargain for a lower price.

I hope the above tips can help your trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.