Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market in Kunming


Located at Yongdao Street (甬道街), Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market was opened for business in 1983, gathering vendors selling flowers, birds, fish and so on, and finally became the biggest flowers and birds market in Kunming. Local people of the city, especially children getting pocket money during the Spring Festival, like wandering around this oldest flowers and birds market to buy the merchandise they like or shop with eyes only. Yongtong Street is no less than 200 meters long and about 15 meters wide, but there are more than 300 setting booths and about 700 traders. Phoenix trees are planted in line on sides of the road, providing shade for visitors in summer. Besides various kinds of flowers, birds, fishes and pet-insects, item for collection and decoration such as jewels,handcrafts, antiques and commemorative coins are also sold at this market. At least seven to eight groups of foreign visitors can be seen shopping in Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market every day.

The History of Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market

Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market in Kunming

The history of Kunming Ancient Street can be traced back to Song Dynasty (960-1279), while the existing structure, while the street is famous as the only block in Kunming that preserves a large amount of ancient architectures built in Qing Dynasty (1616-1912) and the Republic of China (1912-1949). The architectures there today are essentially important for studying the style and features of mansions and private houses of the periods.

With a history of more than 900 years, Kunming Ancient Street is also a trademark and the last biggest ancient block in Kunming downtown which gains highly attention of local government providing well protection to make sure its sustainable development.

As planned, CNY 3 billion has been invested in the project of Reconstruction of Kunming Ancient Street, which started since 2006 and involved 10 streets including Wenming Street (文明街), JIngxing Street (景星街), Wemiao Straight Street (文庙直街, Confucian Temple Street), Yongdao Street (甬道街), Guanghua Street (光华街), etc. The project aims at creating an AAAA rank Scenic Spots in Kunming. According to official information, the area is called “Old Town Area” or “Preserved Area”.

What to See & Do in Jingxing Flower and Bird Market?

1. Appreciating Flowers, Birds, Fish and Jewelry

Since Jingxing Bird and Flower Market has opened for over 30 years, it has become a mature visiting place with tremendous number of flowers. Many kinds of orchids, various camellias, narcissuses, azaleas, roses, begonias, etc. decorate this market into a very bright and colorful paradise with refreshing fragrance. Moreover, you can find different species of birds chirping along the street, like parrots, crested mynas, thrushes, beyond count, and those types you have never seen, which plays an especially ear-pleasing sound for your Kunming tour.

Besides, you can see a lot of adorable fishes, crabs, turtles, etc. in red, white, yellow, orange, black and other colors having fun in the water. And apart from that, you can still continue your “treasure hunt” in Kunming bird and flower market, since there is a numerous number of jadestones, rubies, sapphires, wood carving works, handicrafts in marble stones, snuff bottles, hookahs, jade ornaments, calligraphies and paintings, coins at home and abroad from ancient to present, etc., which is too many to see all their charm but will give your trip a surprise.

2. Feeling the Interesting Culture

Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market in Kunming

As one of the most famous historical streets in Kunming, the market is home to many old buildings and cultural sites such as Nie Er’s former residence and Greater China Entertainment Film Theater, and close to Green Lake Park and Yunnan Art Theatre. Therefore, strolling in the Flower and Bird Market, you can not only experience the real daily life of the local people, but also experience the interesting local culture. 
The Flower and Bird Market also acts as a cultural trade center for various kinds of antiques, including jade objects, ink slabs, ancient coins, porcelain, agates, snuff bottles, hookah, Buddha statue, Chairman Mao badge and other handicrafts, which are mainly sold on its second-hand book market and antique market.

3. Tasting the Delicious Local Food

Teahouses and shops selling interesting delicacies and street food, such as Yunnan Rice Noodles, sweet wine, fried spiral shells, braised bean curd and others are dotted in the market, forming a great convenient food street to visitors.

Some other flowers and birds markets in Kunming

1. White Dragon Flowers and Birds Market(白龙花鸟市场): take bus No. 47, 69 or 95, get off at the stop of Shibo Jixinyuan (世博吉鑫园);
2. Western Pets, Flowers and Birds Market(西部宠物花鸟市场): take bus No. 58 or 80, get off at the stop of Xiyuan Keyunzhan (西苑客运站);
3. Chunyuan Flowers and Birds Market(春苑花鸟市场): take bus No. 58, 61 or 62, get off at the stop of Chunyuan Xiaoqu (春苑小区);
4. Daguan Flowers, Birds and Insect Market(大观花鸟虫市场): take bus No. 125, or 160, get off at the stop of Daguan Shangyecheng (大观商业城);
5. Golden Tree Village Flowers and Birds Market(金树村花鸟市场): take bus No. 47, or 50, get off at the stop of Xinying Lukou(新迎路口/人民东路);
6. Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market(景星花鸟市场): take bus No. 10, or 82, get off at the stop of Nanpingjie Xikou(南屏街西口);
7. Dounan Flowers Trading Market(斗南花卉交易市场): take bus No. 12 get off at the stop of Beimen Jiekou (北门街口), then take bus 215 get off at the bus stop of Dounan (斗南);
8. Expo Garden Flowers and Birds Market(世博园花鸟市场): take bus No. 47, 69 or 95, get off at the stop of Shibo Jixinyuan (世博吉鑫园);
9. Little Dragon Sifang Street Flowers and Birds Market(小龙四方街花鸟市场): take bus No. 60 or 95, get off at the stop of Xinying Lukou(新迎路口/白龙路);
10. Zhongbei Flowers and Birds Market(中北花鸟市场): take bus No. 99 or 171, get off at the stop of Jinyuan Huayuan(锦苑花园).

How to Get to Jingxing Bird and Flower Market

By Bus

It is located at downtown Kunming and not far away from Kunming Department Store and Nanping Pedestrian Street (南屏步行街). Travelers can take bus No.1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 26 or 52, or take a taxi. 

By Subway

Tourists can take Subway Line.2 to Dongfeng Square, then we can walk to Jingxing Bird and Flower Markets.

Private Tour (Top Recommended)

If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Jingxing Bird and Flower Market with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Travel Tips

1. Measure system in Kunming is different from that of other cities. Traders in Kunming always quote at 1 kilogram per unit while traders in other China cities will quote at 500 gram per unit. Please make sure the unit price before you buy anything.
2. Besides flowers, birds, fish and pet-insect, many folk arts and crafts are selling in Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market which is surrounding by large numbers of most well-preserved ancient architectures in Kunming.