The Former Residence of Dr Joseph Rock in Lijiang

Abbout Joseph Rocks Former Residence

Joseph Rocks Former Residence is located in the ancient village of Yuhe. The house now belongs to Joseph Francis Rock – botanist, anthropologist, explorer, linguist, and author. This house was his base when he studied the unique culture of Naxi and the local plants. It’s hard to imagine a foreigner lived in this part of the world for 27 years. The local respected him, calling him “The Father of Naxiology”.
The house has two stories; the lower level has lots of photos that tell the culture of that era. The second level was his living quarters, with bed, desk, chair, carpet, fire basin, book rack, alarm clock, lamp, etc. That was a refreshing walk in Yuhe Village and exploring this house.

Introduction about Joseph Rocks 

This former residence of Dr. J.F. Rock has been renovated and opened to for public viewing. The building facing west was the former headquarters of adventure team of US National Geographic Association in Yunnan, China. The upper level is the former residence of Dr. J.F. Rock, where interior arrangements of bed, desk, chair, carpet, fire basin, book rack, alarm clock, horse lamp, etc. were displayed. The building facing the south is the museum (for a fee of RMB25 per person), where many photographs, and exhibits such as clothes, rifle, dental apparatus, carpenter’s tools, etc., are displayed.