Old Kunming Areas

Old Kunming Areas(昆明老城区) or Kunming Old Streets are the last historical area in Kunming city, Kunming Old Street area still retains a large number of historical buildings and cultural relics in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The oldest one has nearly 900 years history, it has many memories and stories of the city.

Since 2006, Kunming Old Street began to rebuild. After 12 years maintenance repair of Kunming Old Street, it re-open to public on May, 2018. Once again when you step in this area, you could feel the busy and crowded of the past.

Kunming Old Street area east starts from Zhengyi Road, west to Guanghua Street and Yunruixi Road, south starts from Jingxing Street, north to Middle of Renmin Road and Confucius Temple.

Kunming Old Street makes people feel it has a power that helps time stay in few decades ago because there gathered a large number of historical old building.

Wine Glass Building

Located in the north side of the middle of Guanghua Street, build in 1946. The two groups of buildings are in the shape of a wine glass arc, the War Victory Hall is in the center of wine glass. It is one of the great landmark building in Kunming.



Located at the intersection of Wenmiaozhi Street and Guanghua Street, it is the oldest pharmacy in Yunnan.

Family Ma’s Yard

Located at the intersection of Qianwang Street and Jingxing Street, build in 1923. The yard was belong to Zhen Ma who is the first mayor of Kunming, also he is a famous general of Dian army. The yard use Tetraena five yards architectural layout, it is one of the most complete preserved Bai minority style building in Kunming.


Nie Er Former Residence

The building located in No 72 and 74, Yongdao street. The musician Nie Er was born here in 1912. Since 2011, the building open to public as exhibition hall of Nie Er Former Residence. 


Visit Kunming Old Street area, appreciate old buildings, feel the beautiful of the old Kunming city.