Kunming Transportation – By Long Distance Bus

Kunming is one of the most important transportation hubs in western China. Within the territory, there are Beijing- Kunming expressway, Shanghai- Kunming expressway, Shantou- Kunming expressway, Guanghzou- Kunming expressway, Chongqing- Kunming expressway, Hangzhou- Ruili expressway, Kunming Ring expressway, Kunming- Bangkok expressway and other expressways passing through. The completed Kunming- Bangkok expressway starts from Kunming and can reach neighboring countries and regions. 

Main Long-distance Bus Station in Kunming

Kunming city mainly has the east, south, west, north and northwest five main passenger station, namely Kunming east bus station, Kunming south bus station, Kunming west bus station, Kunming north bus station and Kunming northwest bus station. Generally speaking, 15 other prefectures and cities in Yunnan province, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangdong and other places have direct coach to and from Kunming, safe and comfortable.

Kunming Long-distance Bus Schedule

As one of important long-distance bus transportation hubs in western China, Kunming has 5 main long-distance bus stations, including long-distance buses to other 15 prefectures and cities such as Dali, Lijiang and Honghe, as well as long-distance buses to inter-provincial destinations such as Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu and Guiyang

Departure Station Detinations Duration Fare
Kunming Wset Bus Station Dali City 3-4 hours 110 CNY
Kunming Wset Bus Station Lijiang City 5-6 hours 252 CNY
Kunming South Bus Station Yuanyang County 5-6 hours 140 CNY
Kunming South Bus Station Lvchun County 8-9 hours 152-168 CNY
Kunming East Bus Station Shilin County 1.5 hours 35 CNY
Kunming Northwest Bus Station Anning City 1 hour 12 CNY
Kunming North Bus Station Shenzhen City About 18 hours 400 CNY
Kunming North Bus Station Chengdu City 10-11 hours 258 CNY
Kunming North Bus Station Guiyang City 6-7 hours 180 CNY
Kunming North Bus Station Chongqing 10-11 hours 240 CNY
Kunming West Bus Station Weishan County 4-5 hours 116-128 CNY
Kunming West Bus Station Fengqing County 8-9 hours 192-212 CNY
Kunming South Bus Station Chengjiang County 1-1.5 hours 50 CNY
Kunming South Bus Station Jianshui County 3-4 hours 81 CNY
Kunming West Bus Station Shangri-La City 9-10 hours 208 CNY
Kunming West Bus Station Cangyuan County 16-17 hours 310 CNY

Expressways in Kunming

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