Mengyuan Fairyland Cave in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna Mengyuan Fairyland Cave in Mengla County travel guide introduces the main attractions, entrance tickets booking, The best time to visit, How to Get there, the highlights, facts, history, photos, weather, accommodation, visiting routes, travel tips, tour maps of Mengyuan Fairyland Cave in Xishuangbanna(勐远仙境). This mysterious cave was formed due to the evolution of the earth. This cave is not just famous among tourists but also the expedition base for geologists. 

● Chinese Name: 勐远仙境(Meng yuan xian jing)
● Keywords: Cave, Theravada Buddhism, Longevity culture, Dai & Yao culture,
● Location: Mengyuan Village, Mengla Town, Xishuangbanna,Yunnan, China
● Scenic Area: 30 square kilometers
● Admission Fee: Adult:120rmb; Children: 60rmb (below 1.2m)
● Opening Hours: 8:30am -17.30pm

‣ About Fairyland Cave
This Fairyland Cave is located in Xishuangbanna Mengyuan, Mengla Town. It is awarded with the 5A accredition under the tourism board standard. The combination of the Theravada Buddhism, the Longevity culture, the mountains, water, monsoon, limestone forest, the cave community, Dai culture and other ethnic customs spots make it a perfect therapeutic resort.

‣ About Legend

There is a legend related to this cave. During the Three Kingdom period, Zhugeliang, the escapist of the army was amazed by the wonders of the cave and named it the “Fairyland”. There is a “Sheng – Shaped Door” which is named the No. 1 entrance in China, which signifies wealth and good fortune. This entrance door was built by a patriotic overseas Chinese to promote the Chinese culture.

‣ About Rainforest

Besides being a tourist spot, it’s also a reserved area for protected tropical rainforest and the base for the Chinese Science Education. It’s the best preserved tropical rainforest ecosystem as it is rich in biological diversity. The country’s most protected plants such as Dracaena Angustifolia, Tetrameles etc are found here. Other significant plant is the giant tree which is of the size of more than 10 men figure. Ravine rainforests also exist aplenty here.

‣ About  Caves

There are more than 100 caverns in the Fairyland Cave. The longest is about 10km. The paths to the caverns are wavy and winding. It has an underground galaxy atmosphere. Stone forest, stalagmites, stone shoot, underground rivers and other natural landscapes are found here. It’s also a natural dwelling for bats, birds, fish, crabs and other animals. With the combination of the unique lime shoot forest, the rainforest and outstanding landscapes, it is said to be a perfect natural wonderland.

Wanfu Cave
The “Bayeux Scripture” and the “Banna History” recorded that there was a cave called “Baojiaoniutong” or “Tanhuaihaoxiang” by Dai, and now is named “Wanfudong” is about 3360m long and 88m in height. This cave has a strange structure. It’s very narrow with only one man passing passage. It has magical legend; it says that Mengyuan was a cattle fighter kingdom. There was once a fighting tribe entered the cave with a large number of treasures and until today, it has not been found, and chances are you might stumble upon these treasures when you visit this place. A Laoguo Buddhist monk had placed a Buddha’s statue and it has attracted many tourists here for blessings by drinking, wearing, dwelling all the blessed and holy Buddhist objects.

An adventurous expedition into this colourful and rugged cave will unveil this mysterious cave which is very unique and sacred.

In the main hall of the cave, the stalagmites have formed many shapes. The significant shapes are the “openly water drinking horse”, “flying eagle”, “camel by the god side”, “monkey playing”, “peacock”, “elephant” and etc. The most auspicious and wonderful structure is the Buddha with a sky pointing fingers which is said to bless whoever encounters it. There is a huge Sakyamuni statue with a big dragon on the Buddha’s crown. Legends have it that Sakyamuni Buddha brought along this dragon to protect the cave. Also there is a bell, if it’s hit by a mallet, it will have a clear ringing sound. Another sacred spot is the “Saint Pool” that the Buddha used to cure patients with various diseases. The level of the holy water is always maintained high regardless of seasons and the temperature of the cave is always maintained at 21°. 

When you passed through the Wanfu Cave, you will reach an underground river. The reflection of the light to the surface of the water and flowing sound of the river seems like a concert in a galaxy cave. 

‣ About Ethnic Villages

Indulge yourself in the beauty of nature in the presence of the pristine rainforest and the wild animals in the cave will bring you to the paradise realm. The 3 Dai ethnic villages and 1 Yao ethnic villages seem to be guardians of this fairyland. Their hospitality will make you feel like you are the princess in the “Snow White Story”.

This holy fairyland cave has all the natural given properties for you to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and unveil for yourself the beauty and mysterious cave with all the wonders of the universe.

‣ Attraction Transportation

  • Take every 30 minutes bus from Jinghong Bus Station or Fantaichang Bus Station, 35rmb for one ticket.
  • Drive a car along with Xiaomo Highway to Mengla, after 86km, turn left on Chengzi Village, go on 4km with the direction to Jinghong  

‣ Best Time to Visit

Belonging to tropical rainforest climate, Xishuangbanna’s dry season is from November to April the next year and rainy season is from May to October. With annual average temperature of 21c, it has long summer and no winter. With cool and pleasant four seasons, the best time for traveling Xishuangbanna is from October to June the next year. 

‣ Tips
All the information is for reference only, if there was any change, please follows the information of scenic area.