Nanchang to Kunming Tour by Train

The Train Tickets Booking from Nanchang to Kunming

Nanchang to Kunming Tour by High Speed Trains, has been put into service on Dec. 26, 2016. At this time, 10 pairs of high speed trains run daily between Nanchang West Railway Station and Kunming South Railway Station with travel time of only 7 to 8 hours.

Length: 994 miles (1600 km)
Duration: 7-8 hours
Designed speed: 186/217 mph (300/350 km/h)

Nanchang-to-Kunming-Tour-by-High-Speed-Train-01 Nanchang-to-Kunming-Tour-by-High-Speed-Train-02 Nanchang-to-Kunming-Tour-by-Oridinary-Train


The Train Map from Nanchang to Kunming