Guilin to Kunming Tour by High Speed Train

Plan your Guilin to Kunming train tour and book Guilin to Kunming bullet train tickets online. Find Guilin to Kunming Trains timetable and schedules, distance, bullet trains, high speed rails, railway stations, train route and map, train ticket fares, seat’s availability and train tickets booking.

Guilin to Kunming High Speed Train Schedule

Train No. Departure – Arrival Travel Time Ticket Fare
G2942 08:10 – 12:55 4h45m F.C.: 373; S.C.: 616
G2946 12:25 – 17:26 5h01m F.C.: 373; S.C.: 616
G312 15:30 – 19:47 4h17m F.C.: 371; S.C.: 613
G2936 18:28 – 23:07 4h39m F.C.: 373; S.C.: 616

Please Note: B.C refers to Business Class, F.C to First Class, S.C to Second Class. Business Class is the most expensive class with three leathered chairs that can be declined to flat in a row. First Class is more comfortable and spacious with four chairs in a row. Second Class is the cheapest and the most common one with five chairs in a row.

Kunming Railway Station昆明火车站
Address: Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区
How to Get it: Take bus, metro or taxi

Kunming South Railway Station昆明南站
Address: Chenggong District, Kunming昆明市呈贡区
How to Get there: Take bus, metro or taxi

Guilin Railway Station 桂林火车站
Address: Xiangshan District, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 广西壮族自治区桂林市象山区
How to Get there: Take bus, metro or taxi

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