Nujiang Lanping Fenghua Airport


Lanping Fenghua General Airport is located in Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous county(兰坪白族普米族自治县), Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture(怒江傈僳族自治州). Construction started on July 28, 2017, and is expected to open to operation by the end of 2019.

Chinese Name: 兰坪丰华通用机场

Foreign Name: Lanping Fenghua General Airport

Type of Airport: Civil General Airport

District: Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang, Yunnan Province, China

Regional Management: China Civil Aviation Southwestern Administration

Runway length: 1800 meters, a total of 1 runway (as of July 2019)

Navigable City: 5 (as of July 2019)

Operating Agency: Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd. (云南机场集团有限责任公司)


Lanping Fenghua general airport is the first general aviation airport in Yunnan province. It is a “general aviation tourism base in three parallel rivers region” invested by Kungang Group(昆钢集团) and Yunnan Shengyi investment co., ltd(云南圣乙投资有限公司)in lanping, with an investment of 100 million yuan. Construction of the airport started on July 28, 2017, and by 2019, it had invested 431 million yuan, 96% of the project was completed. As of July 2019, the final 468 meters of main runway surface is still being laid.

Scale of Construction

The airport covers an area of 1,100 mu, with the main runway length of 1,800 meters. Construction of runways, stations, air traffic control buildings and related supporting infrastructure are on the way.

Cultural Characteristics

Lanping General airport will develop the town’s low-altitude tourism to build a “three parallel rivers” low-altitude premium tourism route, promoting the development of tourism in lanping and the development of local enterprises, and boosting poverty alleviation.


According to reports, Kungang Group(昆钢集团) and Yunnan Shengyi Investment co., ltd(云南圣乙投资有限公司)are wholly state-owned enterprises under the supervision of Yunnan State-owned Enterprises Commission to form a harmonious general aviation and take a substantial step into the general aviation market.
Lanping county has a unique geomorphic environment, beautiful scenery, rich tourism and biological resources, with the foundation to develop general aviation industry. Adhering to the concept of complementary advantages and shared development, the two sides plan to build a general airport in Lanping county, promote the adjustment and upgrading of the local industrial structure and realize shared development. It is reported that after the reconstructing of Harmony General Airlines (和谐通用航空) by Kungang Group(昆钢集团) and Yunnan Shengyi Investment co., ltd(云南圣乙投资有限公司), it will build 50 general airports in Yunnan province within 10 years.
After the airport is open to traffic, the Bai and Pumi autonomous county of Lanping will combine the distribution of tourism resources to plan 5 helicopter landing points in Lanping county, including Fuhe mountain(富和山), Large Sheep Farm (大羊场),Biluo snow mountain(碧罗雪山), Bailong Pool(白龙潭) and Yingpan Cangdong(营盘沧东).

Construction Plan

The main routes of Lanping general airport are from Lanping to Kunming(昆明), Baoshan(保山), Lijiang(丽江), Dali(大理), Liuku(六库)and other cities in Yunnan province. The proposed models are Feihong 300, Senus CE-680, Piper Meridian, transport 12F, pc-12, and some helicopters.