GaoliGongshan Tunnel-The Longest Railway Tunnel in China

Gaoligongshan Tunnel or Gaoligong Mountain Rail Tunnel (Chinese: 高黎贡山隧道) is a tunnel between Nujiang Station and Longling Station on Dali–Ruili railway in Yunnan, China. It crosses through the whole territory of Longling County and then into Mangshi. Gaoligongshan Tunnel is the key project of Yunnan–Burma railway between Dali and Ruili. The length of tunnel is 34.586 km, it makes Gaoligongshan Tunnel to be the longest single-track railway tunnel under construction in China, also is the longest mountain railway tunnel of Asia and the 7th longest tunnel of the world.

Gaoligongshan Tunnel start construction at 1 December 2015, the planned date of completion at 31 May 2022, the total contract cost is 3.628 million Yuan. The tunnel boring machine “Colorful Cloud No.1″(Chinese: 彩云一号) start work on 28 August 2017, it marked the tunnel entering the comprehensive construction phase.