Dandang Lika Mountain in Gongshan County, Nujiang

Why is Dandang Lika Mountain So Special?

The main mountain ranges in Nujiang prefecture include Gaoligong mountain, Biluo snow mountain, Yunling mountain and Dandang Lika mountain. The whole mountain range of Dandang Lika is low in the south and high in the north, among which the Nandaiwanglaka(南代王腊卡) is 4,969 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the mountain. The mountain is a place where the primitive natural ecology is well preserved, where biodiversity is concentrated with many kinds of plants.

Where is Dandang Lika Mountain – Location

Located in the Dulong river region on the west of Gaoligong mountain, Dandang Lika Mountain has a total length of 72 kilometers, which is the boundary mountain between the two countries of China and Myanmar, as well as a natural barrier on the border. The western slope belongs to Myanmar, and the eastern slope is located in Gongshan county, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan province. It’s more than 90 kilometers from Gongshan county. 


Dandang Lika Mountain is composed of ancient metamorphic rocks, with obvious glacial effection and a remnant plateau on the top. It faces off with Gaoligong mountain in the east, clamping the torrent of the Dulong river and running through the whole territory of Dulongjiang township. The climate of Dandang Lika Mountain is warm and cool in the south and cold in the north. The southern part is the vegetation of Lauraceae and banyan while the northern part is the mixed forest of spruce, fir, Yunsong and Parmandii. The ventral zone of the mountain is home to such rare medicinal plants as cordyceps sinensis, coptis chinensis, fritillaria, and blood rattan. In the primeval forest, tigers, leopards, antelope, takin, red panda and other rare animals walks around it. 

How to Get there

Tourists can take the shuttle bus to Gongshan county from the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture and then transfer to Dandang Lika Mountain by a local vehicle. For tourists, renting a car to is the best way. 

Dandang Lika Mountain in Gongshan County, Nujiang