The Eastern Tour Route of Kunming City (Kunming – Yangzonghai Scenic Area – Changhu Scenic Area – Guishan National Forest Park)

Five lesser known travel routes around Kunming Part 4

4. The Eastern Route (Kunming – Yangzonghai Scenic Area – Changhu Scenic Area – Guishan National Forest Park)

Yangzonghai Scenic Area

As a well-known provincial level scenic area, Yangzonghai covers Chenjiang, Chenggong and Yiliang counties, stretching 12km from north to south and 3km from east to west. It is also the biggest water park in Southwest China, providing more than 40 sports activities, such as jet ski, high speed boat and the Water World, etc.

Address: on the 35km of Kunming – Shilin Highway, Kunming

Changhu Scenic Area

Changhu Lake, shaped as a slender figure of a lady, is said to be the hometown of the legendary Ashima. It is because of its secret location, people sometimes call it “Canghu” or the “Hidden Lake”. It covers an area of 3.94, with Dushi Mountain, Dajian Mountain ,Mopan Mountain, Penglai Island, Yuanhu Lake in this scenic area. Another ideal place for camping, hiking, archery and many more.

Address: Weize Village, Changhu County, 26km away from Shilin (the Stone Forest Scenic Spot)

Guishan National Forest Park

The name “Guishan” comes from the literal meaning of “the back of a turtle”. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that Guishan is the highest peak within Shilin (the Stone Forest Scenic Spot). It is an excellent spot to watch both sunrise and sunset. On top of the Guishan Mountain, other counties like Luxi, Mile, Shizong, Luonan would catch your eyes with their dazzling sights.

Address: Near the Guishansi Road, Shilin Yi Autonomous County