The Peacock Lake in Jinghong City, XishuangBanna

‣ About The Peacock Lake
Peacock Lake which covers an area of 18,700 square meters is situated in the center of Jinghong City, the lake was built as a townspeople park since 1977. In the park, there are styles of pavilions, exotic flowers and rare herbs. You could walk around the park as a local citizen.  Peacock Lake is surrounded by lake water in three sides, with peacocks, foxes, wild boar, monkeys, and other rare animals. Peacock Lake has green lush trees in which water is as clear as mirror. Unique flowers and grasses grow on the bank; water pavilion in Dai-style is built in the center of the lake. Boat in the lake is delightful and relaxed.

● Chinese Name: 孔雀湖(Kong Que Hu)
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● Location: In central Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province
● Scenic Area: 18,700 square meters
● Admission Fee: 0
● Opening Hours:All day(1 to 2 hours for a visit)

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Legends of Peacock

Xishuanggban is widely crowned as “The Home of Peacock”, because there are a lot of peacocks living in Xishuangbanna. Peacock owes a holy position among Dai people and is the totem of Dai people. Peacock stands for happiness, beauty, goodness and luckiness.

Peacock plays an essential role in locals’ daily life. Visitors can find that some folk customs and events such as the ritual of worshiping ancestors, Legend between Prince and Peacock Princess are related to peacock.

The Peacock Lake in Jinghong City, XishuangBanna

The Legend between Prince and Peacock Princess

According to the local narrative poem, there are seven princesses from heaven once came to the Jihu (literally Golden Lake) to take a shower. And the prince named Shaoshu saw the seven princesses were playing around the lake when he passed along the lake by elephant.

Prince Shaoshu and the youngest princess named Nannuona fell in love with each other at the first sight when they met. They finally become a couple. 

Attraction Transportation

The park located in the cross of Xuanwei Ave. and Mengle Ave, near Xishuangbanna Prefecture Goverment.Go there on foot. Peacock Lake is about 2 km to Manting Park.

 Best Time to Go

October to June in the following year is the best time to go. Spring, autumn and winter is appropriate, because here is “a warm land without winter”. The summer heat in Xishuangbanna is intolerability with much rain.


● Suggested touring time: 1-2 hours. 
● You could visit Manting Park or Xishuangbanna Tropical Flower Garden after visiting here, they are all in walk distance.