The Northwestern Tour Route of Kunming City (Kunming – Kunming Western Suburbs – Fumin – Luquan)

Five lesser known travel routes around Kunming Part 2

2. The Northwestern Route (Kunming – Kunming Western Suburbs – Fumin – Luquan)

Recommended tour:Kunming – Laoqingshan Mountain – Chijiu Town – Guihuaqing – Jiaozi Snow Mountain – Puduhe Grand Valley) 

Laoqingshan Mountain

Hike to the top of the Laoqingshan Mountain, you will have a great view of Fumin County, Chijiu Town and Luomian Town. On top of the Laoqingshan Mountain, there is a vast alpine meadow on the west. And you can even see the Dianchi Lake from afar in a sunny day.

Address: Northwest of Fumin County

Chijiu Town

The population of Chijiu Town is just under 10,000, but it becomes popular with tourists picking red bayberry and cherry. According to the data, Chijiu Town is the biggest cherry planting area in Funmin County, covering more than 2,000mu land.

Address: 20km away from the north of Fumin County


Located near the Guihua Reservoir, Guihuaqing is such a nice place to go to avoid the heat in summer. It is 85km away from Kunming and it takes roughly two hours by car to reach Guihuaqing. Wild walnut trees are grown within the area. Walk along the path around one hour, you will reach to a flat grassland, which to most of us, is no doubt an ideal camping site.

Address: Keti Village, Pinshan Town, Luquan County

Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, translates as “Sedan Chair Snow Mountain” due to its sedan shape which belongs to Wangshan Mountain, Wumeng Mountain range. Its highest point reaches at 4,247metres above sea level. Rare animals and plants could be found in the mountain. And the glacier and karst landscape draw the attention of the experts from around the world.

Address: Wumeng Town, northeast of Luquan County

Puduhe Grand Valley

Puduhe River is a branch of the Jinsha River. It nurtures Miao and Yi ethnic groups on both sides. There are three major hot springs nearby, one natural reserve area and an iron chain suspension bridge, which is famous for the Long Marches of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army.

Address: Kazu Village, Zehei Town, Luquan County