Lijiang Weather in February

Lijiang Weather and Climate in February

When you travel to Liiang, Lijiang Weather is cold and dry in February. The average temperature is about 15°C (59°F) in the day and 2°C (36°F) at night. Lijiang’s high altitude results in a cold winter, so travelers should note to keep warm, especially at night.

Historical Lijiang Average Daily Temperatures in February

 February    Average High Average Low 
       1 14.3°C / 57.7°F 1.4°C / 34.5°F
       2 14.4°C / 57.9°F 1.5°C / 34.7°F
       3 14.4°C / 57.9°F 1.6°C / 34.9°F
       4 14.5°C / 58.1°F 1.7°C / 35.1°F
       5 14.5°C / 58.1°F 1.7°C / 35.1°F
       6 14.6°C / 58.3°F 1.8°C / 35.2°F
       7 14.6°C / 58.3°F 1.9°C / 35.4°F
       8 14.7°C / 58.5°F 2°C / 35.6°F
       9 14.7°C / 58.5°F 2.1°C / 35.8°F
      10 14.8°C / 58.6°F 2.1°C / 35.8°F
       11 14.8°C / 58.6°F 2.2°C / 36°F
       12 14.9°C / 58.8°F 2.3°C / 36.1°F
       13 15°C / 59°F 2.4°C / 36.3°F
       14 15°C / 59°F 2.4°C / 36.3°F
       15 15.1°C / 59.2°F 2.5°C / 36.5°F
       16 15.2°C / 59.4°F 2.6°C / 36.7°F
       17 15.2°C / 59.4°F 2.7°C / 36.9°F
       18 15.3°C / 59.5°F 2.8°C / 37°F
       19 15.4°C / 59.7°F 2.8°C / 37°F
       20 15.5°C / 59.9°F 2.9°C / 37.2°F
       21 15.5 °C / 59.9°F 3°C / 37.4°F
       22 15.6°C / 60.1°F 3.1°C / 37.6°F
       23 15.7°C / 60.3°F 3.2°C / 37.8°F
       24 15.8°C / 60.4°F 3.3°C / 37.9°F
       25 15.8°C / 60.4°F 3.4°C / 38.1°F
       26 15.9°C / 60.6°F 3.5°C / 38.3°F
       27 16°C / 60.8°F 3.6°C / 38.5°F
      28 16.1°C / 61°F 3.7°C / 38.7°F

What to Wear for a February Lijiang Travel

If it is sunny, travelers can wear wind coats, sweaters, fleece hoodies, and thick trousers, but they need to add a heavy coat if they are to climb snow mountains in the cold climate. The temperature sharply drops off at night and it is recommended to wear overcoats, cotton wadded jackets, fur clothing, or down jackets against the cold air. When going out, it is better to wear sneakers or hiking shoes.

Places to Visit in February Lijiang

  • Lashihai Lake:
    Lashi Lake is a famous attraction in Lijiang. There are Naxi and other minority nationalities inhabited around Lashihai Lake, who are rich in cultural and folk customs. Zhiyun Temple situated by Lashihai Lake is regarded as one of the five temples in the city of Lijiang. It is a famous tourism spot of Tibetan Lamaism.
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:
    It provides a vast site for skiing fans, coupled with graceful views and fresh air. Travelers can also choose to climb the mountain to see the sunrise.
  • Lijiang Ancient Town:
    Travelers can also spend a leisure life in the Old Town of Lijiang. The Chinese New Year usually falls in February according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. During the festival, Lijiang will be decorated with red Spring Festival couplets and lanterns. Travelers can participate in the celebrations, taste special foods made for New Year, wander at lantern fairs, and enjoy lion and dragon dances and experience the authentic traditional New Year atmosphere. 
    The Bang Bang Trade Fair(棒棒会), a traditional festival of the Naxi People, will be held in the middle of February according to the Chinese lunar calendar, when the people from Lijiang and surrounding cities flock to the Lijiang Old Town, selling farm tools, fruit trees, flowers, toys, various household supplies, and featured delicious snacks. Travelers can come and find exotic stuff and foods.
  • Ganhaizi Meadow:
    There are many tour facilities, spreading all over the  Dry Sea Meadow like stars in the sky. It’s a great convenience for the tourists, who can do skiing, sliding on the sand, gliding, car racing, horse racing, and towed gliding.
  • Mu’s Residence:
    It reflects the architectural style of the central plains of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its layout is arranged according to the pattern of the Forbidden City. Decorative work, including carvings and paintings of buildings, are similar in style to those in the palace of Ming. Most of the decorations are simple but sublime showing the dignity of the ruler. Some of the buildings show the delicate characteristics of landscape gardens in south China.

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