Yuxi Things to Do and Attractions

There are some attractions in Yuxi City for people to visit, including Fuxian Lake, Longma Karst Cave in Xiaoshiqiao Yi Nationality Township or Gaoxiang Organic Tea Plantations, the hometown of hot spring, Huaning, primary forests in Xinping, Yuanjiang River, the hometown of wild edible mushroom, Yimen and Jinsanxia Scenic Area.

Top Attractions in Yuxi

Visitors to Yuxi Yunnan shouldn’t miss the famous atrractions in Yuxi, such as Fuxian Lake, Ailaoshan Mountain, Longxi Li Clan Manor and the Former Residence of Nie Er, ect.

Mosques in Yuxi

The Hui people in Yuxi are the major followers of the Islam. Tonghai County of Yuxi City is also famous for its Muslim culture. Muslim culture in Yuxi gains sound development. There are many mosques in Yuxi, with Yuxi Mosque and Tonghai Mosque being the most popular ones. Our Yuxi Muslim Tours will guide you to visit the famous mosques in Yuxi and taste Halal food in Muslim restuarants, for a better understanding of Yuxi Muslim culture.

Temples in Yuxi

The Dai people in Yuxi are the major followers of Buddhism. There are many temples in Yuxi for you to explore the Buddhism culture, with the Yuquan Temple being the most popular one. 

Manors in Yuxi

Manors in Yuxi are also favourable sites to visit. Longxi Li Clan Manor is recommended one to explore the famous famaly in Yuxi, while Chu Orange Manor is good site to taste the delicious oranges if you come at right time.

Mountians in Yuxi

Mountains in Yuxi are highlights of Yuxi travel. Hiking tours to Ailaoshan Mountain and Modou Mountain along with the minority discovery in nearby ethnic villages are popular among tourists. 

Tea Plantations in Yuxi

Parks in Yuxi

Rivers in Yuxi

Lakes and Ponds in Yuxi

Fuxian Lake is the most famous must-see sites in Yuxi. People often reminds of it when talking about Yuxi. Fuxian lake is a holiday paradise! Authority personage evaluated Fuxian lake like this, she is big outdoor bathing place, a big oxygen bar! There are 42 tourism enterprises with a set of tourism, scientific research, entertainment, meeting and holiday reception.

Historical and Cultural Sites in Yuxi

Among the following sites, the Former Residence of Nie Er in Yuxi is the one you shouldn’t miss. Former residence of Nie Er was built in the late Qing dynasty by Nie Liandeng聂连登, Nie Er’s great-grandfather, and left to Nie Er’s father Nie Hongyi聂鸿仪. In September 1984, the former residence of Nie Er was published by the people’s government of Yuxi as a municipal key cultural relic protection unit.

Forests and Nature Reserve in Yuxi

Scenic Areas in Yuxi

Luchong Scenic Spot is the most beautiful scenic spots on the west bank of Fuxian lake. The most eye-catching view of Luchong is the dense banyan trees along the lake. The scenic area provides the scenery of the scenic Fuxian Lake, Bijia Mountain, Yusun Hill, ancient banyan trees and revolving water wheels, of all the scenery make up a picturesque painting.

Rice Terraces in Yuxi

Although the rice terraces in Yuxi are not as grand as the ones in Yuanyang, they still has their unique features. Moreover, Yuxi Rice Terrace Tour is usually arranged with Yuanyang Rice Terraces.

Ethnic Villages in Yuxi

The traditional ethnic villages usually have the well-preserved ethnic traditions, so they can be best choice for your Culture Tours in Yuxi. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can’t be seen anywhere else. Dabinglangyuan Village Xingmeng Mongolian Village, Erzhang Village and Damuyu Huayao Dai Ethnic Culture Village are the best recommendations.

Hot Springs in Yuxi

Landmarks and Infrastructures in Yuxi

Hongta Hill is a famous landmark in Yuxi City, it also represents a cigaret brand in Yuxi – Hongtashan. It locates in the urban area, therefore visiting the Hongta Hill is very convenient. 

Other Attractions in Yuxi

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